SIGN UPs Closed!

The FOUrth Great Hunt Concludes!

Our numbers have reached a new height, and we shall bring the Thargoid numbers to a new low!
Join us for the biggest Great Hunt yet, as we celebrate with massive fireworks™ and four days of relentless bloodshed!


Participants will be divided into two equal teams which will earn points by slaying Thargoid Interceptors and clearing AX Conflict Zones. The team with the most points at the end of the event is victorious. Point awards are as follows:
Cyclops: 10 Points
Basilisk: 50 Points
Medusa: 200 Points
Hydra: 500 Points
CZ Interceptor Wave Clear: 150 Points
AXCZ Hydra Clear: 300 Points

The entire team gains Team Points once for a particular kill or clear - this means that a wing of 4 taking down a Hydra will award the team 500 points, the same as one person soloing that Hydra.

In addition to team points, each participant will also receive Personal Points - while these are the same as the Team Points, they ARE divided among wing members - this means that a wing of 4 taking down a Hydra will award each wingmate 125 Personal Points. The player with the most Personal Points at the end of the event will receive a Special Reward (see below)


  • Participation in this event requires at least the Apollo's Wrath rank. If you haven't got it yet, there's still time before it begins!

  • To sign up use the following form: [SIGN UPS CLOSED]

  • Proof of a kill consists of a #tea-and-medals worthy screenshot - it must include the explosion, bond and all elements of the ship's HUD. To obtain the AXCZ points, the screenshot needs to capture the bonus bond that is awarded at this stage.

  • Additionally, the Ship's name must contain the specified unique identifier which will be provided for both teams at the start of the event. If the identifier is not present, kills will not be considered valid! (This is to prevent using screenshots of old kills)

  • If a kill is made in a wing, the proof for that kill must be posted EXACTLY ONCE and all participants should be tagged. Attempting to duplicate or forge proof will result in disqualification and possible further sanctions.

  • A maximum of 4 competitors may work together in achieving kills. Having more than 4 CMDRs in the instance will cause kills to not be considered valid!

  • The event begins at 09:00 UTC on Thursday and will last for 96 (!) hours.

  • During the event, participants will have access to two new channels in Discord - one for discussing and coordinating with the team, and the other for posting proof. Any general questions about the event should be directed to #operations

  • The event is cross-platform, so our console population is welcome to join in on the fun!

  • Kills made with help from outside your team will be considered valid, but will yield fractional points to you and your team. (A Hydra duo with someone not in your team will award you 250 Team Points and 250 Personal Points)

The Rewards

  • The participant of each team with the highest Personal Score at the end of the event will receive the Party Champion rank and item of their choice from our Merch Store free of charge, delivery costs included!
    (made possible by YOU by supporting us through our Merch Store!)

  • The participants of the team with the highest Team Score will receive the Jaeger rank.

  • Everyone who signs up for the event and participates in at least one valid kill will earn the Party Survivor rank, and their names will be forever immortalized on the leaderboard in our #hall-of-fame.

The Results

  • The teams this season are the Celaeno Centurions and the Asterope Armada!

  • The Celaeno Centurions are victorious with 44384 points against the Asterope Armada's 37072!

  • A total of 742 Interceptors have been vanquished during this Hunt!