The Anti-Xeno Carrier Command is a registration program allowing pilots to commission their Fleet Carrier as an officially recognized Anti-Xeno Initiative Vessel. Registered carriers will be requested to run missions, operations and tasks representing the AXI, these tasks will be provided by AXI Leadership.

By registering your Fleet Carrier you will be given the "Carrier Commander" Rank in discord to represent your commitment to the AXI Carrier Command Group.

Registered Carriers will be bookmarked in the AXIN Squadron for all AXI commanders to easily find.


[AXI] The Astras

The Astras is the pride of the AXI Fleet. Flagship for the Anti-Xeno Initiative, it can regularly be found in HR 1185, our home system, while waiting for assignment. The Astras is a mobile command center and will often move with multiple support carriers in unison for large combat, political or support operations.

Owner: The Anti-Xeno Initiative


The Pointed Fang serves as the mobile dwelling of Commander Gluttony Fang. It commenced service in 3307 after the unexpected pincer attack by the Thargoids from two nebulas. The details on the commissioning and procurement of this carrier were missing on official documentation, this led to theories placing the birth of this vessel closely related to the previous occupation of the owner in question before his commitment to Anti-Xeno efforts. However, due to the Pointed Fang's current endeavors, thorough investigations into the origin of this formerly reconnaissance-focused behemoth are mostly suspended and neglected; an outcome speculated to be influenced by diplomatic connections of the Commander in question.

Owner: CMDR Gluttony Fang


[AXI] Tempest

The Tempest serves as a forward operating base in various anti-xeno efforts. If a xeno threat is detected, the Tempest can always be found nearby, supporting hunters in the area.

Owner: CMDR Aranionros Stormrage

[AXI] The Quacken XXVI

CMDR Mgram's personal carrier and support platform, the Quacken runs regular missions in and around the Pleiades and Witch Head regions to support the Overseers' political, xenological and logistical operations.

Owner: CMDR Mgram
ID: N3Q-17Z

[AXI] Maligno's Folly

Maligno's Folly was commissioned to provide a wide range of field support, namely as a forward base for AX operations and infrastructure support around the Pleiades and Witch Head Nebulae.

Owner: CMDR Maligno


The Overlord is a Logistical Operations Carrier for the Pleiades region. Supporting AXI material interests and serving as a mobile base for use against future incursions from, or counterattacks against the Thargoid menace.

Owner: CMDR Mackenheimer

[AXI] Blood Red Summer

Fleet Carrier owned by CMDR h0mesk1L1t of the AXI. Glory to Mankind!

Owner: CMDR h0mesk1L1t

[AXI] Olympus

The name Olympus is after Mount Olympus from Greek mythology which the gods call home. As all of my AX ships are named after the Greek gods themselves, it is only fitting that the name of their home follows suit.

Owner: CMDR Avasa Siuu

[AXI] Eclipse

The Eclipse-class dreadnought, also known as the Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer, was a class of Imperial Super Star Destroyer manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards and mainly used around six years after the Battle of Endor.

Owned by the AXI Overseer CMDR Darth_Vader this vessel serves as an FoB where the squadron requires assistance on fighting the thargoids.

Owner: CMDR Darth_Vader

[AXI] Beaver's Den

Beaver's Den is aimed to support all pilots in regions with high Thargoid presence and run explorations\scientific missions directly related to all advanced alien life forms.

This carrier also has unique, one of a kind, space "beaverpool" with real wild beavers ! It's a place where every pilot can take a break and relax from fighting Thargoids and watch the life of those amazing creatures. The bravest can even try to feed them ("""")_[;..;]_("""")

Owner: CMDR Painbeaver
ID: T2X-17Z

[AXI] Barry Gopperth

The Barry Gopperth serves as a Foward Operations Platform for the war against the xeno menace. Provideing rearming, refueling, and repairs on the front lines.

Owner: CMDR Mike Fish
ID: K2H-56Y


Permanently moored 9.89 Mm above the distress call found at HR 1185 planet A1. Commissioned in 3306, the [AXI] Salamandastron was envisioned as a front line operational support platform in the Thargoid conflict. Upon returning to the AXI home system of HR 1185, the Salamandastron experienced a drive failure which left it stranded around the local star. Unable to leave, the crew performed a series of micro jumps, finally settling her into orbit above the systems distress call. There she stays, serving as a rescue, repair, and rearm platform for those seeking to train against the thargoid interceptors that frequent the site.

Owner: CMDR Orlandu

[AXI] Eridu

The Eridu is a forward operating base for Anti-Xeno and BGS operations in the Witch Head Nebula, offering support and guidance to all far flung Xeno-Hunters.

Owner: CMDR USR8295

[AXI] Chromeria

The [AXI] Chromeria is a privately owned fleet carrier. It's intended as a base for commanders who like to become the very best in anti-Xeno combat. However, it can be found wherever it is needed the most.

Owner: CMDR Ty Rone

[AXI] Oblivion

Originally designed for deep space mining and exploration. The ship's original name was the Nexus, but due to the on-going threat of the Thargoid menace, the Nexus has received a massive overhaul and conversion into one of the most advanced combat carriers in the galaxy; capable of taking the fight to the enemy, behind enemy lines. The Nexus has been tasked to the Anti-Xeno Initiative, and renamed to the [AXI] Oblivion, so named because that it what she will help bring to the Thargoid infestation.

Owner: CMDR Joseph Wood
ID: W7M-83Z

[AXI] BarHabba

The Barhabba was commissioned to offer support to all commanders engaged in the study and containment of the xeno menace. It also houses a complete collection of artifacts and alien samples.

Owner: CMDR Habba-nero

[AXI] Alice's Rest

Alice's Rest is a mobile base of operation, offering a variety of services in the Pleiades Sector. It also serves as a market, selling Thagoid-related goods unavailable on any commercial starport.

Owner: CMDR The Blu Fox
ID: N7Y-71Z

[AXI] Lambda Lagoon

The "Lagoon" is from "Black Lagoon". Good luck hunting!

Owner: CMDR The Lambda Core


To the Darkest Corner of the universe

Owner: CMDR Egon Stetmann


The Devonshire was commissioned to provide front-line support as a base of operations in the Second Thargoid War, with rapid response and first-strike capabilities for effective assaults on new xeno flashpoints. Its namesake is a tribute to the great Devonian Empire: a terrestrial superpower that lasted over half a millennium.

Owner: CMDR Tainted Wanderer

[AXI] Toropical Punch

The perfect place to take an aperitif after the hunt.

Owner: CMDR Toropicana

[AXI] Patience Ferry

Was build around 3303, left the shipyard of PANOI in 3305. The main customer of the project was CMDR Insane4un, known in various circles for his wild temperament and tough uncompromised character for anyone to ever deal with. "Patience Ferry" was built to support the various missions and operations of the armed forces of the Anti-Xeno Initiative in areas without any logistical support.

Owner: CMDR Insane4un
ID: F1T-45Z


The Ithaca is named after the homeland of Odysseus, the legendary figure who blinded the mythical Cyclops of ancient Earth. The Ithaca will provide a base of operations for pilots fighting the Thargoid menace, with regular trips between the core worlds, the Pleiades and the Witch Head Enclave.

Owner: CMDR Gennar


"Galactica, used to be a museum of the colonial forces. Taken by a group of pirates by storm, it became the center of operations for a ruthless group of pirates.

Now, Xeno's forces attack humanity. This carrier is the evidence that when it comes to defending ourselves, our differences do not matter. They cannot beat us as long as we act as one fist."

Owner: CMDR Gennar
ID: K0L-41Z

[AXI] Miyuki's Endeavor

This modified Nautilus class carrier serves as a secure base for Polaras Dominion science and logistics groups in the Milky Way. Named after the Miyuki sisters who lead the science team and staffed by Dominion personnel, the ship hosts classified technologies dedicated to understanding and containing Xeno threats. Originally registered in Colonia for security reasons, the ship is attached to AXI Fleet Command so it can support Anti-Xeno science and military actions for the Glory of Mankind.

Owner: CMDR Polaras
ID: J8Q-92V

[AXI] Queen Persephone

The Queen Persephone is a Nautilus-class Fleet Carrier, commissioned for service on June 17, 3306. Her namesake is the Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld. While she is often seen performing tasks for Commander CombatWombat, the Queen Persephone and her crew stand ready to support the fight against the xeno threat.

Owner: CMDR CombatWombat76
ID: K6W-92B

[AXI] Xeno Party Boat

Commissioned in mid 3306, the latest addition to CMDR Halcyone's fleet stands ready to defend the borders of Humanity. Bringing the ability to deploy rapid-response teams directly into the action, no attack will be out of range of a response. Glory to Mankind!

Owner: CMDR Halcyone

[AXI] Standard Deviant

Ex-meta-alloy pirates, the crew of the Standard Deviant have dedicated themselves to the front lines of the Anti-Xeno Initiative's objectives, wherever that may take them.

Owner: CMDR Daavya
ID: X7Z-49L

[AXI] Vengeful Spirit

The Spirit is an AX Support Carrier added into service in June 3306, serving a dual role of personal transportation and anti-Thargoid support. All Commanders who wish the preservation of humanity are welcome.

Owner: CMDR Ballor

[AXI] Hyperion

Bought on hard working miners money to support any AXI Operation. It's a platform for Hunting Xenos, Mining and Trade wherever it is needed.

Owner: CMDR Alex Caos

[AXI] Philadelphia

The Philadelphia was commissioned June 20, 3306 in response to the Thargoid threat. In addition to the AX combat wing and support fleet, the Philadelphia is home to a full complement of scientific personnel and regularly conducts research at Thargoid locations.

Owner: CMDR Gray Z7Z
ID: K6M-51Q

[AXI] The Aconite

Adapted from a long range exploration vessel, this carrier has been outfitted for anti-xeno and general support operations. The Aconite is commanded by a crazy pilot dedicated to the protection of humanity. He also once spilled a drink because of a thargoid and has since allowed vengeance for his beverage to push him further into madness. Everyone is welcome to utilize the services offered at this lunatic's haven.

Owner: CMDR PoisonCrazyLush

[AXI] Nebuchadnezzar

Meant to be a bastion of hope and safety to those looking for it, the Nebuchadnezzar serves as an anchor in a changing world, a lifeboat for the lost. An anchor that will keep steady in the war against the Thargoids.

Owner: CMDR Valorful
ID: J6V-25H

[AXI] WIzzbus

Created to serve as a base of operations for anti-xeno activities.

Owner: CMDR Wizzanker

[AXI] Freeport 8

Freeport 7 was destroyed by Nomads then we sent them back. Now we are on board Freeport 8, travelling to Pleiades and Witch Head Nebula to send Thargoids back...

Owner: CMDR Gt.Jeight

[AXI] Noah

Noah is an Anti-Xeno mobile operations base operating within the Anti-Xeno Initiative squadron.

Owner: CMDR Mechan
ID: V3W-14Z

[AXI] USG Ishimura

USG Ishimura was born as a mining ship in 2446, then was used for research into medical and xeno-technology. Now it serves the people who fight in Anti-Xeno combat and will positioned for their use.

Owner: CMDR yukionfire

[AXI] Ginga

This is the Ginga. She is mainly a research vessel but is more than capable of supporting various Anti-Xeno tasks. Originally constructed by the Imperial Navy, she has a few reminders of that history on the hull.

Owner: CMDR Acred

[AXI] Xiba's Jewelers

Recently procured after mining in COL 285 Sector as an homage to CMDR Xiba for his discovery.

Family hails from Mars High, traders and miners by lineage. I aspired to be a combat pilot and served 8 years in the Federal Navy. Only to finish my contract and became a mercenary-for-hire up until the incursion at Witch Head. Glory, to Mankind!

Owner: CMDR Ecks.

[AXI] Verxon's Rose

VerxoN's Rose provides refueling, repair, restock, or travel services for Xeno hunters.

Owner: CMDR VerxoN
ID: K4Q-00L

[AXI] Oxi

Base of operation to support anti-Thargoid missions, mining and any other required task.

Owner: CMDR Oxina
ID: J8Q-86Q

[AXI] Ghorah Khar

The Ghorah Khar was laid down to serve as an escort carrier to the Tempest, the Alrighty and other [AXI] carriers on offensive AX operations. Named after the Ghorah Khar star system and the long campaign of anti xeno combat in that system, including the defense of both Olympus Station and the cruiser Shar N'Tanya.

Owner: CMDR Ghosti


The Irminsul, a drake class fleet carrier initially commissioned in 3306 as a carrier vessel for mining operations in Kirre's Icebox, was later repurposed as a forward base for anti xeno operations in the Pleiades sector, providing tariffs free refuel/restock/repair services for every commander taking part in the war against the thargoid threat. It is currently based in the Asterope system.

Owner: CMDR Hellhammer88
ID: K5W-47V

[AXI] Silentium

The Silentium is a Nautilus-Class carrier commissioned for rapid deployment of resources and security forces to systems under threat from the Thargoid invasion. Repairs, ammunition, and lodging are available to all AXI Commanders fighting to secure the Pleiades.

Owner: CMDR DrFaustus

[AXI] Durandal

Personal ship storage of CMDR Rubadubscrub, back in the bubble after a trip to Sag A*. Weary Explorers are welcome, we provide many services with no tarrif.

Owner: CMDR Rubadubscrub

[AXI] Chrysanthemum

Originally commissioned as a combat ready diamond freighter and ferry, the Titan-Uranus has squeezed on all the joy that can be had from diamond mining. In order to satisfy our customer's distinct taste the board of directors have unanimously voted in favor of designating Titan-Uranus a Safari-class fleet carrier.

Owner: CMDR FunktionKeys

[axi] Barad-dur

Initially commissioned for mining operations, the Barad-Dur was repurposed for Anti-Xeno support after the great crash of the low-temperature diamond market in July 3306. .

Owner: CMDR Orodruin

[axi] Polaris VII

The Polaris VII was commissioned in 3306 to serve as a base of operations and home for all brave pilots on active duty in the frontier, fighting the alien menace in the Second Thargoid War. They shall not pass!

Owner: CMDR LoboFH

[axi] Nimrod's son

Nimrod's Son is named after the Pixies song of the same name. Nimrod was a great hunter and his son is following that tradition hunting thargoids.

Owner: CMDR cantloginkeith

[AXI] Deep Space 69

AXI transport and support carrier, taking the fight to the Thargoids!

Owner: CMDR Laksefest


Originally commissioned as a deep space colony vessel, the Exodus Black was recommissioned to aid as a mobile FOB during the Thargoid assault on the Witch Head sector, and has been a safe haven for AX pilots ever since.

Owner: CMDR Casspp

[AXI] The Indomitable

Originally a show of opulence, The Indomitable has recently focused its efforts in the war against the Thargoid threat.

Owner: CMDR ApsidalColt

[axi] Hyperion

This fleet carrier was bought to be a mobile home for me, but after carrying some commanders to Colonia with it, i figured i could share it with others people.

I used it to make some exploration with friendly commanders who were happy to have a place to sleep between several sessions of exploration. But now, i want to use the Hyperion to protect the Bubble from the Thargoids.

Owner: CMDR Jurema

[AXI] Kira Nerys

After being discovered drifting on auxiliary power, the Kira Nerys now serves the AXI serving as a support vessel for any ax pilots who need her services as well as being CMDR xISparkzy's personal flagship for operations.

Owner: CMDR xISparkzy
ID: V4M-49H

[AXI] Statford War Hero

Named after the birthplace of Robert E. Lee, one of the greatest Virginians in US history. Though a confederate general, he fought for Virginia vs the typical things that was fought for during the American Civil war.

ID: Q2M-09Y


CMDR Souz4's personal carrier, however with a focus on Anti-Xeno activities, available to all commanders the shipyard, refueling, re-arming and maintenance services. Integrating the Brazilian community with commanders in AX activities.

Owner: CMDR Souz4

[AXI] Argent Citadel

Recently and begrudgingly commissioned to support materiel sourcing for anti xeno activities.

Owner: CMDR Vengefire

[AXI] Wind Rose

The Wind Rose is a mobile operations base, that can provide repair, refuel and restock services wherever needed. Usually it can be found around the Pleiades region, but long-range expeditions are not out of the question too.

Owner: CMDR Irrelevant Mirror

[AXI] The Litter Box

The aim is to gather enough funds to make this vessel a suitable shop providing most of the necessary equipment for xeno Combat. Be sure to pay us a visit, and ride along !

Owner: CMDR TomCatT

[AXI] Peace

This vessel is mostly dedicated to anti-xeno combat, particularly preferring fancy nebulae where the sky looks colorful and there's plenty of bugs to smash.

The aim is to gather enough funds to make this vessel a suitable shop providing most of the necessary equipment for Xeno combat. Be sure to pay us a visit, and ride along!


[AXI] Cobalt of march

Commissioned at the turn of the year 3307, the incandescent blue glow of the Cobalt Of March proves as a beacon for hunters and explorers alike in the black.

Owner: CMDR Illusiuum

[AXI] Apollyon

Apollyon [uh-pol-yuhn] - in ancient Greek "Destroyer". The Apollyon serves as a FOB for AXI sorties in the black.

Owner: CMDR Darthpirate7

[AXI] Suchiimma

"On November, 3006 The Suchiimma was commissioned as CMDR Jugom personal carrier to function as his hub and gather his, at that time scattered throughout the bubble, personal fleet.

The Suchiimma, operates around and across the bubble according to its owners needs, however, after the events occurred on the eve of the year 3007, CMDR Jugom who had already been accumulating victories against the Thargoids as an independent pilot, decided to officially join the Anti-Xeno Initiative squadron and since then, the Suchiima will be always found on the front lines providing shelter and aid against the Thargoid threat when needed.

Glory, to Mankind."

Owner: CMDR Jugom

[AXI] Phoenix Rising

This Fleet Carrier was created off of the remanence of older carriers that came before it. It was said that these parts are going towards a project that's a waste of time and money, but in the end it created one of the most unique carriers the engineers have ever seen. They told it as it was the old carriers rising from what was rust and a phoenix rising from the ashes..and thus the name was made.

Owner: CMDR TwistedManifest

[AXI] Resilient Knight

After being abandoned by his original crew of colonists in an attempt to flee from pirates, The Resilient Knight stood adrift, floating through space, serving just as a reminder of people's hopes for a better, brighter future, until its fading signal got picked up by a scout expedition. After years of refitting, this fleet carrier now serves as a mobile base for the AXI squadron and any other pilot willing to help fight for humanity, serving again as a beacon for humanity and its people.

Owner: CMDR Fernando Canto

[AXI] The Snake Pit

Bought from mining riches initially as a base of operations for my personal fleet of ships with essential upgrades. Now fitted with dock (no ships for sale) and outfitting (AX and others) to support other commanders.

Owner: CMDR miko0001

[AXI] The Law Of One

"The Law of One received it's name to honor the series of five books written between 1982 and 1998, long before mankind expanded into space.

Commissioned in June 9th, 3306, The Law of One's first designated mission was to investigate the misteries of the Formidine Rift and right after, support private AX operations on Pleiades Sector PD-S B4-2.

However, on October 29th, 3306, the crew had access to logs from 195 years ago. The logs were found aboard the ghost ship Adamastor, and news of the Thargoid presence in the Musca Dark Region began to be uncovered. The Law of One was sent to investigate.

Soon after, on December 31th, 3306, the Thargoids attacked Coalsack and Witch Head Nebulas causing the loss of thousands of lives.

On January 1st, 3307, The Law of One answered the call and joined the efforts to repel the alien incursion.

We are all one!"

Owner: CMDR NomadRomeo
ID: X9Q-51L

[AXI] Clarity

As humanity extends itself beyond the occupied bubble, a larger anti-xeno presence is necessary to deter and defend against further Thargoid incursions. The Clarity (V3Z-T7W) was among many AXI fleet carriers commissioned at the start of 3307 to meet this necessity.

Owner: CMDR Apudma

[AXI] Ex Alis Pugnamus

Latin phase meaning "We fight on wings"


[AXI] Merc's Fortress

Purchased to fill a multi-role purpose, initially intended to explore the universe and fulfil various duties, it was quickly refit to help out the war effort.

Owner: CMDR Championdog
ID: N8Q-16Z

[AXI] Siegebringer

After hearing of the attacks on the Coalsack and Witchhead nebulas, the Siegebringer was Refit from a mobile mining outpost to assist in repelling the attack.

Owner: CMDR FlockTheHawk

[AXI] Damocles

Prometheus, A megaship built to explore the galaxy and provide help to AX Commanders

Owner: CMDR Asmugho


[AXI] Defiance

The Defiance is a carrier that was purchased by a mostly Australian crew who are fed up with the Thargoids and the destruction they bring and will be used as their Base of operations in fighting the bugs. GLORY TO MANKIND!

Owner: CMDR Thrig Skor


[AXI] Zenosu No Nayami

Bought it recently, it's purpose is to help humanity against the thargoid threat

Owner: CMDR Tod Quiller


[AXI] The Sacred Union

Named after the strong bond Commander Kellar J. created with the Anti-Xeno Initiative following their great welcome and training, The Sacred Union serves both the AXI and the Commander's previous mercenary job, carrying his fleet of combat ships. The flagship stores both general supplies for visiting commanders, as well as specialized equipment for AXI members when out in the dark.

Owner: CMDR Kellar J.


[AXI] The Nostromo

Just your standard anti-xeno boat

Owner: CMDR Fartastic

ID: V2F-28Y

[AXI] Red Fern

Commissioned shortly after the Thargoid Incursions in early 3307, this carrier serves mainly as a support vessel for CMDR Airom42. Should further Thargoid attacks take place, this carrier is kept in a deployment-ready state. It's Bridge Commander, Trinidad Willis, is a close friend of the engineer Etienne Dorn.

Owner: CMDR Airom42



The Ulysses is a Naval Carrier of the Empire

Owner: CMDR LogicGazo


[AXI] Phantom HQ

Headquarter of the legendary Phantom Wing

Owner: CMD Moscito


[AXI]-Sentinels Omen

"This is the fleet of the sentinels, our mission is to operate from the shadows and assist with eliminating the Xeno threat.

Further infromation is classified."



[AXI] Duelling Dias

"Zak woke on a strange FC after a heavy session at BarHabba with CMDRs icanbe_yourpapi and LaPpO1888, with no idea how he got there. In his hand were a set of keys. When he was sober enough to see, it turned out that the keys were for the FC.

Zak asked no questions and promptly decided to use it for AX support and the settling of disputes in a gentlemanly manner."

Owner: CMDR ZakalweInc8876


[AXI] Bald Idiot

I've purchased a carrier to slaughter aliens with practice after a career in trade and exploration.

Owner: CMDR creamgirL


[AXI] Shadow (GMBT)

Unfortunately all records were lost after a failed test jump when an unknown error occurred and was believed to have miscalculated and jumped directly into a black hole. 4 Years were spent looking for the lost ship but nobody had ever found even a trace.

Eventually all hope was lost and all efforts to find the ship were discontinued. Not long after, a young rookie pilot out gathering data for a corporation stumbled across an unknown and unrecognized signal, afraid that he was gonna come across another thargoid ambush, he decided to check this strange signal out anyways, and found this carrier, all scans showed that the ship was severely damaged and unable to communicate or jump, he abandoned his previous mission and decided to recover this carrier by gathering all the necessary resources required, in secret, to get this carrier back up to operational status. Eventually he succeeded and hired a crew.

Owner: CMDR Riftfox


[AXI] Refugio Estrela

The Refugio Estrela is the extension of the Phantom Wing fleet and is deployed multifunctionally for tactical support

Owner: CMDR Grincake


[AXI] Waffle House

The AXI Waffle House was formerly a peaceful deep space carrier serving the fringes of space just outside the bubble with refuel, rearm, repair, outfitting and other services. The customer service was outstanding and the pecan waffles were fantastic. In late 3306, the ship was overhauled to support combat operations in the Pleiades Nebula, offering Anti-Xeno armament and excellent waffles.



[AXI] Lady Edelgard

"When Humanity stands United, there's no need for Gods." A carrier commissioned as a warship to help a society from the system of Agartha gifted to Thargoid hunting efforts to hobble a secretive war against the Far God cult with intent on showing to them the deaths of their Gods.

Owner: CMDR Adler Vermil


[AXI] Taihou

The Taihou, translating to Great Phoenix, embodies the spirit of the Anti-Xeno Initiative. For no matter how many times we fall in combat, we will always rise from the ashes to continue our fight.

Owner: CMDR AndrewMc2308


[AXI] Covenant

CMDR Fusionszone´s personal Carrier, used as a mobile base of operations and shuttle to guardian sites etc.

Owner: CMDR Fusionzone


[AXI] Rampage

Commissioned by CMDR Jimmy 1303 for use by the AXI as a strike carrier and rapid development vessel to fight the thargoid threat

Owner: CMDR Jimmy 1303


[AXI] Raptor's Hearth

"The Raptor's Hearth owes much of its existence to the fate of The Light of Eldirao; a cutting edge stellar research platform, hyperdicted by the Thargoids and left stranded deep in the gravity well of an M class star. Although the crew was quickly lost to the heat and radiation, considerable efforts were made to recover the technology on board.

The Raptor's Hearth was constructed for the Anti-Xeno Initiative from what could be salvaged. Its spirited crew adopting a motif of the Phoenix, a mythical bird born from the ashes of its predecessor, in memory of the Eldirao."

Owner: CMDR Pyrocujo

ID: X2J-32J

[AXI] Avenue 42

Following in the tradition of its many predecessors, the Avenue 42 originally was purposed as a luxury liner. Unfortunately budget cuts meant it could no longer support the lavish amenities its customers demanded and so was sold to CMDR Burstar and converted into a Fleet Carrier. Welcome aboard and please enjoy some of the rare benefits some of the remaining luxury features provide including the unlimited buffet and the multi-lympic sized zero-g miracle pool.

Owner: CMDR Burstar


[AXI] Appa

The APPA previoulsly know as the Aquila II was reconditioned from a Sanchez Class megaship that was destroyed by thargoids, the main investor was Commander Gorfgorf23 who then gained ownership of the Fleet Carrier. Said Carrier now accompanies the commander as he explores, mines and kills thargoids.

Owner: CMDR Gorfgorf23


[AXI] Silent Phantom

The Silent Phantom is a Forward Operating Base, its designed to be a shadow, to be unnoticed until the time is right. The carrier's history is classified. It's mission... DEATH!

Owner: CMDR Th3Hero


[AXI] Her Majesty

She was once a cargo carrier then refit to work as a operation base to fight thargoids

Owner: CMDR CreatureDragon


[AXI] Bifröst

The BIFRÖST is dedicated to transporting and providing aid to CMDRs on their way through the vast Galaxy.

Like its mythological namefather, BIFRÖST is a convenient way for mighty Warriors and their heavy Gear for traveling.

Whenever the Xeno-Threat is on the rise again, you can be sure BIFRÖST will not be far away.

Owner: CMDR AlexMG1


[AXI] Vallum Ferreum

The Vallum ferrum is a fleet carrier specialised for long expeditions in hostile territories out of the bubble.

The carrier was designed in 3307 by the commander Xarionn to serve as a mobile anti-xeno base to help in the current Thargoids war, it's main goal is to coordinate independent commanders to strike where and when it's the most needed, the carrier was also designed to hold a large quantity of tritium in order to support other carriers and starports.

The name "Vallum ferrum" takes its root in the Latin language and means "Rempart de Fer" in French which translate to "Iron rampart" in English.

Owner: CMDR Xarionn



Likes to blow stuff up.

Owner: CMDR Dezekrys


[AXI] SS Jeff Hanneman

SS Jeff Hanneman represents the band SLAYER! Killing 'goids and collecting hearts \m/

Owner: CMDR LUKE101

ID: X1V-53G

[AXI] HMS Agamemnon

Parked in Celaeno to store AXI ships.



[AXI] Prometheus

My Carrier to help fight the thargoids and help CMDRS out if they need a lift

Owner: CMDR KronzReaper


[AXI] Rampage

Commissioned by CMDR Jimmy 1303 for use by the AXI as a strike carrier and rapid development vessel to fight the thargoid threat

Owner: CMDR Jimmy 1303


[AXI] In Amber Clad

Through the old war "In Amber Clad fought against he Xeno forces and protecting the galaxy. Once the war was one she was commissioned and left abandoned in the far corner of the universe. Found again in a time of need it was brought to light to combat the new Xeno forces.

Owner: CMDR Lightyear316


[AXI] Dorn's Wrath

It was mostly a minig vessel until it was bought by CMDR moregohg and turned into a fully functional AX platform

Owner: CMDR moregohg


[AXI] The Kraken

It was bought to do what it does best to be a personal hangar and cargo hold and now opens its hangar for other refugees as well.

Owner: CMDR Wetsboyrake


[AXI] Bad Dragon

The Bad Dragon was born out of the fruitful labour of its owner, who originated from the humble beginnings of hauling minerals for the Empire until she could finally afford the beauty of the Drake-Class Carrier.

Owner: CMDR Nadia Lau


[AXI] Dawnbreaker

Blood, sweat, and tears went into buying this ship. In time, its story will be legendary but for now it remains unwritten

Owner: CMDR Valkyrie64Ryan

ID: H2Y-89K

[AXI] Jurassic Parking

A sanctuary for a lone dinosaur that is me

Owner: CMDR TRex63


[AXI] Rhapsody

My Bohemian brothers put forth the call, and so the titan class was constructed with one sole aim... killing Goids. Let the poetry commence.

Owner: CMDR Moon Monkey


[AXI] Kurumis Clock

The Fuel Rats Mischief Carrier Kurumis Clock homebased in Nawa is a rescue and operations platform for the Fuel Rats as well as for the Irony of Fate. It's Hospital-Section is well equipped and bigger as similar Carrier of the Victory-Class. It's purpose is mainly SaR oriented but can be used for Combat-OPs as well as Rekon-OPs and AXI-OPs.

Owner: CMDR DarkNachtara


[AXI] Manatee's Wrath

The Manatee's Wrath entered service to support the brave beings (human and manatee alike) in their noble quest to stamp out the Thargoid menace.

Owner: CMDR SirTheo


[AXI] Dragons Nest

The Dragons nest is a privately owned. multi roll victory class fleet carrier. in peace time its used for trading and mining. but in times of war it will converted in to base of operations to fight the thargoids.

Owner: CMDR DragonDaan


[AXI] Xeno Tourism Hub

Mobile tour bus depot to deploy luxury Xeno Extermination Vessels at a moment's notice

Owner: CMDR Arsinoe



Flying Dutchman refers to the myth of a ghost ship from old Earth, rumored to strikear fear to pirates of the Caribbean seas

Owner: CMDR Samix


[AXI] Manticore

Half-funded by CMDR AmanBP, Manticore was commissioned in May 3307. It serves as a mobile base of AX and SRV operations for CMDR Manti.

Owner: CMDR Manti

ID: X8B-33Z


In actuality, the AB9 is a sidewinder with a LOT of hull reinforcements.

Owner: CMDR buttholejenkins


[AXI] Beleriand

Originally commissioned as SYN4 Isengard, this carrier served as part of Pilot Syndicate 4’s elite SWORD unit. After serving with distinction in the Thargoid incursion over Delphi, she was rechristened “Beleriand” and followed its commander into the formal service of the AXI.

Owner: CMDR Learnsmith


[AXI] Mobile Bus Hub

It is mobile - you can park your bus there - any questions?

Owner: CMDR Sir Boundness

ID: V4V-71Z