Come one, come all and join us as we host the first ever Ceres Trial in celebration of the launch of our public community goal, The Art of War. The trial is a test of a Commander's wit and knowledge as they make use of their ship to take on not one but two Cyclops in two different systems. This is a time trial to see who can accomplish the tasks at hand with the fastest time.


The test is this: First the mighty Commander must start in HR 1185 at Ceres Tarn where once you take off your time starts. From here you must find a Cyclops to take out and collect its heart then move on to find another Cyclops in a different system and gather its heart. Once you have two hearts the Commander must fire all thrusters to the Astras stationed in Sterope II to sell the hearts and then it's an all out sprint back to Ceres Tarn to land where the trial ends.

Commanders will be placed into brackets based on their highest solo kill. The brackets are as Follows: Junior Bracket, Intermediate Bracket, Senior Bracket, Pro Circuit. Winner of each bracket will receive Party Champion.

The best times from across all the brackets will be used for the Low Temperature Diamond payouts. 500 LTDs to the First place winner. 250 LTDs for Second Place. 100 LTDs for Third.

All participants will be awarded the rank Party Survivor.

The trial must be recorded in full from the time of take off to the time of landing at Ceres Tarn to be considered for ranking.

The event will take place from 7/5/3306 at 00:00 UTC - 7/12/3306 at 00:00 UTC. Submissions outside of this window will not be considered.

Gibbing and Advanced Missile Racks are not Permitted

Rules and Restrictions:

No Gibbing - This rule is set in place to ensure Commanders take out all hearts individually on the cyclops.

No Premium Synth - We don't want to incentivize grind for commanders out there and feel that this would give a handful a distinct advantage.

No Synthing - We want Commanders to allocate and use resources on hand to accomplish the job and would force Commanders to think if they need to land to re-arm after an engagement or if they can continue on to the next fight.

All ships are allowed - All ship classes will be permitted as some ships will have an advantage over others while others also bring with it certain restrictions. This is about seeing what Commanders can do and restricting to certain ship sizes would be detrimental.

You must scan down and find the cyclops after take off from Ceres Tarn. No prepping by locking down sites before your time starts from take off. That would be against the spirit of competition.