Greetings Commanders! The Ceres Trial will return for Season 2 with it now running for 2 weeks to allow more participation for all. The Ceres Trial is for Commanders to test their skill and knowledge as they race to complete the objectives and land on Ceres Tarn to complete the trial. After your input from the post trial survey we have decided to adjust a few things and also introduce new challenges to take on with more to look forward to in the future. This time the challenge has changed adding more thoughts on your fit and build as this time, SRVs will be needed! The trial is this:


-Begin on the AXI Olympus in HIP 17694

-Destroy a cyclops

-Collect 1 Meta alloy from any Barnacle/Forest/Structure Site.

-Destroy all Scouts found in a Threat 4 (Site must present scouts, Sites without scouts will not be eligible for credit)

-Land at Ceres Tarn with the meta alloy in your inventory where your time stops.

Commanders will be placed into brackets based on their highest solo kill. The brackets are as Follows:

Junior Bracket - Apollos Wrath

Intermediate Bracket - Sole Survivor

Senior Bracket - Serpent's Nemesis

Pro Circuit - Herculean Conqueror

Winner of each bracket will receive Party Champion.

All participants will be awarded the rank Party Survivor.

The trial must be recorded in full from the time of take off to the time of landing at Ceres Tarn to be considered for ranking.

The event will take place from 6 Sept, 2020 @00:00 UTC - 20 Sept, 2020 @23:59 UTC

Gibbing and Advanced Missile Racks are not Permitted

Rules and Restrictions:

-No Gibbing. (Instant kills of any Cyclops is not allowed and will be grounds for disqualification, and all hearts must be destroyed individually.)

-Hyperdiction kills will not be credited.

-No Premium Ammunition allowed of any kind.

-No Advanced Missile Racks.

-No Synthing of any kind. (including heat sinks)

-No pre-scanning NHSSs before your time starts.

Special Considerations

For clarification on the scouts within the Threat 4, It doesn’t matter on the number of scouts that spawn within the NHSS, as long as you destroy all the scouts within the instance. This will bring with it a bit of RNG as Threat 4 NHSS spawn different amounts of scouts to destroy.

If you encounter a braben tunnel (long blue tunnel) during your run, from the start of the drop until the start of the re-connected drop will be subtracted from your time

and from the start of your charge up time to the start of the re-connected charge up time will be subtracted from your time.

Hyperdictions will not be eligible for time subtraction. They are an inherent part of AX and will bring with it an aura of mystery and challenge to overcome to get the best time.

Hyperdiction kills are not permitted due to the rare instance of encountering a single Cyclops. This will bring with it an unfair advantage to any Commander to shorten their TTK compared to other Commanders, and so this will not be allowed.