Here we post achievements that we deem too impressive, or that cannot be rewarded with a rank.

World 4th Triple Hydra

by CMDR Sniperman672

CMDR Sniperman672 blasts his way into the Hall of Fame yet again with the fourth recorded Tri-dra kill! (Coincidentally, he also did the fourth recorded Double Hydra!)

The Chieftain pulls its own weight, but CMDR Sniperman672's mastery of it is unquestionable!

World 10th Double Hydra

by CMDR ckhrix

CMDR ckhrix has become the 10th maniac to take down a Double Hydra! He did so with calm and poise, taking his time aiming and methodically dismantling the two hydras. I should note that he did so in under 2 hours with only a handful of basic ammo refills.

All hail CMDR ckhrix!

World 9th Double Hydra

by CMDR AmanBP

CMDR AmanBP has become the 9th maniac to take down a Double Hydra, which is never an easy feat! He showed calm and resolve in this challenging fight.

All hail CMDR AmanBP!

World First Viper Mk4 Hydra Kill

by CMDR Katie Byrne

CMDR Katie Byrne Has again (this is now the fourth time) redefined what is possible with small AX ships by taking down a Hydra in a Viper Mk4!!! The Viper (both the Mk3 and Mk4) is an amazing ship that is a joy to fly, but it takes an S-level pilot to truly make it sing

World First Hexa-Hydra Kill

by CMDR EuanAB

It is my distinct honor to present CMDR EuanAB with yet another induction in to the Hall of Fame! Just when we thought he had achieved the impossible (5 Hydra kill), he turned right around and pushed the limit even further by dispatching 6 Hydras in less time (6h13m) than it took him to butcher 5!

He had a few close calls during the fight, but never gave up and fought until the very end! This fight constitutes quite possibly the best management of Gauss ammo that we've ever witnessed.


by CMDR Tyron Woodley

With another piece of mastery CMDR Woodley has demonstrated his well deserved place among our famous CMDRs.

With great help from his friend CMDR Kein Mensch to set up the instance having multiple Hydrae jump in takes time and dedication; now dispatching all three with basic ammo well CMDR you earned yourself a spot in here, Welcome to the Hall of Fame


by CMDR Sniperman672

CMDR Sniperman672 Has set a new record for the largest ever solo victory against Thargoid Interceptors! Engaging and destroying 20 Cyclops Interceptors at once! Doubling the previous record of 10 interceptors!

The size of this Thargoid instance really has to be seen to be believed! And in a 2 hour 20 minute engagement Sniperman unleashed destruction upon them all!Truly the stuff of legends and an awesome display of skill and determination!

World first penta Hydra kill

by CMDR EuanAB

The sky is the limit they used to say... and once again CMDR EuanAB proves he's a goid killing machine!

The battle lasted 7h which is a quite impressive fit for 5 hydrae, using basic ammo and no flak at all

Its likely there's gonna be a long time until we see something as outstanding as this.

World first quad Hydra kill

by CMDR EuanAB

CMDR EuanAB has once again overcome the near impossible by completing the world first quad Hydra kill! A full wing of Hydra!

In a battle that took over 5 hours and stretched the ammo synthesis to the absolute limit CMDR EuanAB showed immense skill, endurance and determination!

CMDR EuanAB has demonstrated that he is among the greatest AX pilots ever to have taken to the skies!

World Eighth Double Hydra

by CMDR Tyron Woodley

CMDR Tyron Woodley has achieved the 8th Double Hydra kill!

Tyron encountered the pair at the HR 1185 Distress call and, using only basic ammo, gave an extremely impressive display of piloting skill to eliminate one of the most difficult thargoid combinations possible! Outstanding!

World First Decagoid Kill

by CMDR Katie Byrne

Just when we thought CMDR KATIE BYRNE's blood thirst was quenched, we learned that her recent 2H and 3H kills were just the appetizers So a main course of 10 Interceptors were brought forth to finally satisfy her...

2 Hydras, 3 Medusas, 2 Basilisks, and 3 Cyclopes...we could write a Christmas song to this combination

What makes this kill stand out is that she engaged all 10 Interceptors simultaneously, which requires nothing but the highest level of skill!


by CMDR Katie Byrne

CMDR KATIE BYRNE Recently dispatched two Hydras, but it wasn't enough to quench her bloodthirst so she went after 3 more!!

It's amazing how fast she went after this particular kill...Thargoids are no longer safe wherever they are!

Additionally, the fight only took 2 hours and 53 minutes, which is simply insane!

World Seventh Double Hydra

by CMDR Katie Byrne

CMDR KATIE BYRNE has shown here superb flying skills by taking down two Hydras with Standard ammo and no flak!

This is also the world first VR Double Hydra take down As usual, her orbits are crisp and she makes it all look easy!


by CMDR EuanAB

CMDR EuanAB has used his incredible knowledge of the megaship spawning mechanics and outstanding skill as an AX pilot to carry out what many thought would be impossible! - the World's first ever Triple Hydra Kill!

Massacre at the Bulk Cargo Ship

by CMDR EuanAB

CMDR EuanAB recently set out to the Bulk Cargo Ship in Delphi and got himself 2 Hydras and 8 other Interceptors (of various flavors) and performed an oeuvre of destruction!

Although this type of serial kill does not qualify for Ace points, it's an amazing feat and once again shows Euan's incredible flying and fight management skills!

World sixth Double Hydra


CMDR BADRACINGDRIVER has once again proven his insanity by taking down two Hydras in his Chieftain...aaaand with basic ammo only!!!

World First courier hydra kill

by CMDR Katie Byrne

Katie Byrne has pushed the boundaries of the possible yet again by taking down a Hydra in an Imperial Courier!

World Fifth Double Hydra

by CMDR EuanAB

CMDR EuanAB has established himself as the premier XB1 pilot by becoming the fifth (first on XB1) commander to ever to take down a double Hydra!!

World First type-9 hydra kill

by CMDR MuQuuu

CMDR MuQuuu has made his first official FA-Off debut by taking down a Hydra in a T-9!!

What makes this kill special is the fact that the T-9 is thoroughly lacking in both speed and maneuverability. Muquuu has shown tremendous mastery of distance control and tactical synthing, which is no easy task for a cow like the T-9!!

World Fourth Double Hydra

by CMDR Sniperman672

Through sheer force of will and determination, CMDR Sniperman672 (EAoN) smashes his way into the #hall-of-fame as the fourth pilot to ever successfully kill two Hydras, simultaneously!

World First 100% Hydra Kill

by CMDR Aranionros Stormrage

The legend strikes again, CMDR Aranionros Stormrage after many attempts has achieved AX perfection, killing a Hydra Variant Interceptor without taking ANY damage.

Aran completed the fight with the same 100% hull that he started with (no repairs), making this the World First 100% Hydra run!

World second Double Hydra

by CMDR MuQuuu

For the second time ever, CMDR MuQuuu is the second pilot to take on two Hydras at once! not only this but in almost half the time of CMDR Maligno (The world-first Double Hydra Solo)

Both are exemplary pilots and can be considered true masters in their field. o7

World First Octo-Goid Solo Kill

by CMDR Maligno

CMDR Maligno had found a way to do the impossible... again... Witness, the first recorded 8-interceptor solo... it took 6 hours and 56 minutes...

Reddit Link

Once-in-a-lifetime 'twenties' kill


The most extraordinarily rare and special of kills.
CMDR KAZAK0V (SCEC/EGP) killed a cyclops earning him....

2,000,000 Cr at 20:20:20 on the 20/02/2020

Something tells me this guy likes the numbers 2 and 0!

Maligno's Medusa Mastery

by CMDR Maligno

Maligno's Mastery of Medusa Manifests in his latest Murderous Masterpiece Medusa v Sidewinder:

1 Hydra + 2 Medusa + 3 Cyclops


This also deserves to be here.... Insane stuff from CMDR BADRACINGDRIVER

Hauler vs Basilisk

by CMDR Maligno

Goddamn, CMDR Maligno clogging up the Hall of Fame once more......

Oh well.... here we go again! We thought it was nigh-impossible, but here it is!

world first double Hydra

by CMDR Maligno

Ladies and Gentlemen, The day has finally come. The stars have aligned and against all odds.... The first ever double hydra fight has been decimated by the likes of non-other than our close friend and canonnier CMDR Maligno. This monumental achievement occurred on 23rd December 2019 and took our brave CMDR here over 4 hours to complete!

Maligno and the seven 'goids

by CMDR Maligno

CMDR Maligno Productions presents: CMDR Maligno and the Seven 'Goids! What an absolute massacre...

The little dolphin that could


Finding the Dolphin's true porpoise - BADRACINGDRIVER takes down a Medusa with the least possible amount of firepower!

Phantom vs Hydra & 2 medusae

by CMDR Maligno

Give it up for CMDR Maligno and this first-of-its-kind kill: A Hydra and Two Medusae solo

Hydra + Triple Basilisk Solo

by CMDR Aranionros Stormrage

You'd think they would know not to hyperdict CMDR Aranionros Stormrage by now, but here we are!

Dusa Clops Clops Clops


An assembled Thargoid fleet is no match for CMDR BADRACINGDRIVER , not even after surprising him during a return trip from a Hydra hunt:

Hydra vs Type-10 Defender

by CMDR Aranionros Stormrage

This one is pretty self-explanatory for anyone who knows AX combat:

World first small ship hydra solo

by CMDR AlikCZ

CMDR AlikCZ soloes a Hydra with the Vulture

World first shieldless Medusa solo

by CMDR Shwinky

CMDR Shwinky and his phenomenal mastery of the silent running mechanic has introduced us to this spectacle:

World first Gaussless Medusa solo

by CMDR Painbeaver

And what do we have here? CMDR Painbeaver demonstrates an entirely new fighting style!

World first Double Basilisk

by CMDR Shwinky

Give it up for CMDR Shwinky for his insanity and ascension to godhood!

On this day the 'Double Basi club' was founded!

First Medusa Instagib spectacular

by CMDR Synoxys (and friends)

The First Official AXI Medusa Instagib Spectacular was a resounding success! Here is the highlight reel.

World First Small Ship Medusa Solo

by CMDR Painbeaver

And another became as god... Give it up for CMDR Painbeaver, who did it before it was cool! (Literally, he did this before we discovered cold-orbiting!)