Anti-Xeno Initiative
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The Thargoids have returned in great force pushing large incursions into multiple human-occupied systems. Commanders abroad have been requested to aid with the defence, rescue and logistical efforts.

In response to this latest push in Thargoid activity, the Anti-Xeno Initiative has commissioned a new tracking and monitoring system to allow commanders to keep up-to-date with the latest movements and presence statuses of incursion systems.

This new system can be found at

Glory, to Mankind!

CMDR Mechan and CMDR Toyotanos will be on an Odyssey Frontier twitch live stream tomorrow (Thursday) at 18:00 UTC (7pm BST, 2pm US EST, ...) with FDEV Community Managers Bruce and Zac. We will discuss Anti Xeno combat and see if, among other things, we can get Bruce his first (wing) rank (Zac already has it)

Agenda is fluid but we expect to spend some time talking about AX before jumping into combat ... for all multi-goid fans we'll also be bringing meta-alloys to see if we can get an interceptor to invite a friend to the party.

Also, we will do our best to NOT follow in the footprints of our glorious founder, and die on stream to a clops, but there are no guarantees...

Join us tomorrow on Twitch to listen in, participate, and have some AX fun!

The Anti-Xeno Initiative was established on the 15th of November 3303 (2017), back then the Thargoids were still shrouded in mystery. Over the years we have made leaps and bounds to uncover their secrets, understand their technology and ultimately master their destruction. Today marks a tremendous landmark in the history of the AXI, we are proud to announce that we have officially reached 10,000 members in the Anti-Xeno Initiative Discord.

The AXI has seen colossal growth and development over the past 3 years, we have written the books on Thargoid combat, taken on the most challenging achievements in AX imaginable and defended countless systems from incursions and infestations over the years.

In celebration of this milestone, the AXI will be hosting several exciting events over the coming weeks.

See the upcoming events here.

Thank you CMDRs!

AXI Staff

CMDRs, We've heard from FDev Community Managers with regards to some of the priority issues we're experiencing affecting AX combat in both Horizons and Odyssey, specifically the issue involving NHSSes not working as intended.

FDev shared as follows:

"We've re-opened the second issue tracker link and we're going to add the info from [a Discord message stating additional info on the NHSS issues] (either externally or on our own systems, either way we'll have it)

Could you please all be sure to contribute to both tickets with as much detail as possible.

We'd also find it helpful if you could add some netlogs to your 'contributions' in the issue tracker - you can do so by following some instructions I'll post separately." [Horizons] [Odyssey]

To enable detailed NetLogging, instructions are posted here.

Please help us help FDev in fixing the NHSS issues, by voting on the two issues above and by providing detailed netlogs per their request.

Thank you CMDRs!

AXI Staff

Earlier today a statement was release by Operation Ida Management.

Afternoon Everyone. We wanted to bring you good news today, but unfortunately the two bugs that are affecting our repairs have not been resolved. This week another station in progress (Donar's Oak) has been reset again, and the missing commodities we delivered to Artemis Lodge and Betancourt Base have not been returned to those stations. If you haven't already, we would greatly appreciate it if everyone upvoted the bug reports linked above.

In the meantime, we will not be coordinating repairs (or tracking them), since we value your time, effort, and credits. If you would still like to haul deliveries, please feel free to do so, but we cannot guarantee station progress will not be reset until we get a confirmation from Fdev. If you are a carrier owner full of supplies and would like to off load them, please message any staff members and we will arrange to offload your carrier for you.

Again, thank you for your patience. We appreciate all our haulers, traders, carrier owners, and combat pilots. We're glad to have you in Operation Ida. smiley

-The Management

Operation Ida and the AXI have had a close connection for years as our work compliments each other. We hope frontier can sort out this issue as soon as possible as it affects the careers and important work of our close companions over at Op Ida.

Glory, to Mankind!

"I would like to congratulate CMDR Avasa Siuu on becoming the newest Overseer for AXI. He really needs no more introduction for how outspoken he is, though his diligence in creating and implementing infrastructures to better AXI internally must be commended. I feel extremely confident for him to join the ranks of Overseer, knowing that it will erect another indomitable pillar to support the community.

The time ahead is difficult (Odyssey being what it is), and I fault no one for losing interest or faith in ED at the moment. However, that is precisely why communities like ours are the heart and blood of ED. We will make ourselves heard, not just for AXI, but for the game that we deserve and built our group upon."

- CMDR Gluttony Fang, Founder of the Anti-Xeno Initiative

Glory, to Mankind!

The Megaships Alexandria, currently carrying large quantities of Guardian Cargo, has been pursued by Thargoids when it jumped towards the bubble from Delphi last week.

We have been informed by galnet news sources that the megaship plans to jump this Thursday to the system HIP 30944. The system has a low population but there is still a risk of hostile Thargoid action.

For safety reasons, the megaship will be dropping off any docked ships prior to the jump tomorrow.

This is an ADVISORY notice to all AX pilots, expect hostile Thargoid activity in the system HIP 30944 this Thursday and be ready to respond if necessary.

AXI Defence Council

Glory, to Mankind!

Big news on the Thargoid front. A new incursion has been detected, this time closer to the bubble than any incursion in the last few years.

Thargoids appear to be moving towards the more densely human occupied space. Our close associates at Canonn Research have identified that they appear to be following the Aegis Megaship Alexandria, which is currently carrying Guardian Relics

HIP 16538

  • AXCZs Present

  • No Damaged Stations

Full details in #defense-targets, further discussion #eagle-eye-and-defense and #operations

All available pilots please report to your muster systems immediately and assist with the immediate threat.

Glory, to Mankind!

A massive thargoid presence has been detected in seven systems across the Pleiades and Coalsack Nebula.

AX pilots are asked to mobilize and respond to the threat immediately.

Priority reports will be posted in #defense-targets shortly once the situation is completely assessed.

#eagle-eye-and-defense will be utilised for updates and further information regarding the situation.

In these systems you can expect to find:

  • Thargoid Combat Missions

  • AX Conflict Zones

  • Damaged Stations

  • Station Rescue Missions

Old Articles

Thargoids Return

13 May 3307

Thargoid Attacks have been detected across the Pleiades, Witch Head Nebula and for the first time ever, the California Nebula. Incursions are underway and pilots are requested to respond to the threat immediately.

The third great hunt

13 April 3307

"A Great Hunt is a team-based event where participants are divided into two equal teams which then slay thargoid interceptors to earn points." - CMDR Aranionros Stormrage.

The Eye of The Odyssey

13 January 3307

The New Pilots Initiative (NEWP) in partnership with the Anti Xeno Initiative (AXI) are hosting an AX Time Trial where CMDRs are given a chance to win one of two pre-order copies of the next expansion of Odyssey.

Thargoids on Full Assault

31 December 3306

On December 31 3306 Thargoid forces launched a full scale assault on Human settlements in both the Witch Head Nebula and Coalsack Nebula. Pilots are scrambling to respond to the unprecedented attack across nine different systems.

Year in Review - The AXI

31 December 3306

3306 has been an eventful year for the AXI from Fleet Carriers to new frontlines, check out this year in review video by CMDR Pxtseryu.

Coalsack Nebula NHSS Survey

23 November 3306

Due to the recent spike in activity in the Coalsack Nebula (CSN) Region, the Anti-Xeno Initiative's scientific division has expanded our surveying capabilities to begin recording encounters in this region of space.

Thargoids On The Move

13 November 3306

There have been numerous reports going around recently so we would like to set the record straight and do our best to summarize what is currently going on with the Thargoids across the main bubbles of activity.

Odyssey Dev Diary EPisode 1

18 August 3306

The first in a series of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey dev diaries One Giant Leap explores how commanders can experience light atmospheres and break new ground with exploration on foot for the first time.

THE ART OF WAR Concludes

06 August 3306

As of 06/08/3306 the Art of War community goal is complete, with over 10,000 Thargoid Hearts and a total of 15,000 rare and elusive Thargoid artefacts safely onboard The Astras Fleet Carrier, the AXI has begun processing and developing the new camouflage for the Flagship vessel.


25 July 3306

The Anti-Xeno Initiative Weekly Debrief. A breakdown of the events happening in and around the Anti-Xeno Initiative and how you can get involved!

Video by CMDR Avasa Siuu


20 July 3306

The Anti-Xeno Initiative Weekly Debrief. A breakdown of the events happening in and around the Anti-Xeno Initiative and how you can get involved!

Video by CMDR Avasa Siuu


11 July 3306

The Anti-Xeno Initiative Weekly Debrief. A breakdown of the events happening in and around the Anti-Xeno Initiative and how you can get involved!

Video by CMDR Avasa Siuu


10 July 3306

The Anti Xeno Initiative congratulates our fellow pilots' effort in accomplishing our war time objective of minimizing the BGS destabilizing efforts of the Hanks Alliance of Anti Xeno by retreating their presences in all non-home systems in a joint operation with the Coalition and its allies in just under three months. As a result, the Pleiades sector BGS now enjoys an age of stability and civil development.


04 July 3306

The Anti-Xeno Initiative Weekly Debrief. A breakdown of the events happening in and around the Anti-Xeno Initiative and how you can get involved!

Video by CMDR Avasa Siuu


05 July 3306

Come one, come all and join us as we host the first ever Ceres Trial in celebration of the launch of our public community goal, The Art of War. The trial is a test of a Commander's wit and knowledge as they make use of their ship to take on not one but two Cyclops in two different systems. This is a time trial to see who can accomplish the tasks at hand with the fastest time.

The Art of War

29 June 3306

The Anti-Xeno Initiative has announced its intention to provide its flagship fleet carrier - The Astras, with an experimental paint designed to hide it from the Thargoids. The carrier is to be a spearhead for anti-xeno operations and will act as a safe haven for pilots to restock and repair.


19 June 3306

The Anti-Xeno Initiative Weekly Debrief. A breakdown of the events happening in and around the Anti-Xeno Initiative and how you can get involved!

Video by CMDR Avasa Siuu


14 June 3306

we are happy to announce that our brand-new Fleet Carrier will soon leave the shipyards of Balante behind, and travel to HR 1185, where she will be stationed while additional anti-xeno outfitting takes place.


12 June 3306

The Anti-Xeno Initiative Weekly Debrief. A breakdown of the events happening in and around the Anti-Xeno Initiative and how you can get involved!

Video by CMDR Avasa Siuu

Nanomedicines Reach Galactic Market

09 May 3306

The nanomedicines developed in December 3304 by Vitadyne Labs have been approved for distribution to medical facilities across the galaxy. At the time of Vitadyne’s original announcement, the nanomedicines were believed to be mere weeks away from widespread availability. The Interstellar Health Organisation (IHO) had verified the medicine’s healing properties...


09 May 3306

Fleet carriers are finally here, check out the patch notes here and join frontier for their release livestream at 11am UTC.


06 May 3306

With the advent of fleet carriers the Gnosis will no longer be controlled by Canonn and instead will enter a ‘Bus Route’ a tour of notable places in Canonn history. Initially Fdev planned on scrapping or parking the Gnosis, we have reached agreement where by the route will run in perpetuity instead.


03 May 3306

Elite Dangerous's "New Era" has finally been announced as the paid expansion "Elite Dangerous: Odyssey" Including the much anticipated "Space Legs", FPS Combat, Atmospheric planets and more. Read what frontier has to say in the official forum post.


05 May 3306

CMDR Kai Zen is hosting a multi-phase community project centered around the NPC Minor Faction "The Dark Wheel" with goals to try and further Elite: Dangerous lore, create new gameplay and goals for the community and hopefully prompt action on Frontiers part to further the storyline of elite.


28 April 3306

The Anti-Xeno Initiative Weekly Debrief. A breakdown of the events happening in and around the Anti-Xeno Initiative and how you can get involved!

Video by CMDR Avasa Siuu


27 April 3306

You've had a chance to experience Fleet Carriers in the Beta, and we can't wait to see what you'll do with them in the live servers and we're pleased to announce that the wait isn't long! The Fleet Carrier Update will emerge from hyperspace and come to Elite Dangerous on 9 June! Click to learn more on the upcoming changes.