Coalsack Nebula NHSS Survey

23 NOV 3306

While the Anti-Xeno Initiative is primarily focussed on defensive and offensive Anti-Thargoid operations, it also falls within our responsibility to ensure we have the must up-to-date and accurate information on our enemy at all times.

Due to the recent spike in activity in the Coalsack Nebula (CSN) Region, the Anti-Xeno Initiative's scientific division has expanded our surveying capabilities to begin recording encounters in this region of space.

We now ask any available pilots with a general understanding of Non-Human Signal Sources (NHSS) to lend a hand in gathering as much information about the Coalsack Nebula as possible.

This data will help the AXI build a cohesive understanding of the Thargoids numbers, force composition and distribution across the current regions of activity.

To assist in this task, head to the link below and use the survey tool to record your NHSS spawns.