The Eye of the Odyssey Event is now over. Thank you to all who have participated in the event and congratulations to our challenge winners:

Winner - CMDR Aranionros Stormage in a Krait Phantom (8:03)

Runner-Up - CMDR Orodruin in a Krait Mk 2 (8:19)

Consolidator - CMDR Hyper Recursive in a Challenger (8:33)

Could all winners please contact @[PC] CMDR IM2D (NEWP) to receive your prizes.

The leaderboards are final and can be found further down this page.

Furthermore we have included a feedback forms. If you have suggestions and feedback for us to improve for the next time, please send it through there.

To celebrate the end of the Eye of the Odyssey, the AXI also will be having a 15% discount on all merchandise on the AXI Store, This includes official Eye of the Odyssey Posters. Promo code "EOTO3307" at the checkout, valid until 09/02/2020


JANUARY 24 00:00:00 UTC → JANUARY 31 23:59:59 UTC


Winner Deluxe Alpha Expansion Package Odyssey (Steam)

Runner Up Elite Dangerous Odyssey (Steam)

Consolidator 500 Tonnes of Musgravite


  1. Start on the [NEWP] Stellaris Invicta (K9T-W9T) in Musca Dark Region JX-T C3-13.

  2. In a threat 5 NHSS, you will need to collect a Cyclops Tissue Sample, then kill the interceptor and then collect its heart.

  3. Pick up a Meta-Alloy from a Barnacle Site/Forest or Surface Site.

  4. Finish at the [AXI] Eclipse (K2M-GTZ) in Musca Dark Region GW-W D1-143.

  • You will be ranked on your time taken from the moment you undock at [NEWP] Stellaris Invicta to the moment you touch-down at [AXI] Eclipse.
    CMDRS must have a
    Heart, a unit of Meta Alloy, Cyclops Tissue Sample in their cargo hold when they dock at the Eclipse.

  • Must have the clock visisble at the start/finish of the run.

  • The weapons need to be shown at the start so that no ammo synth can be confirmed.


  • Megaship, barnacle or hyperdiction thargoid interactions do not count towards a confirmed kill. It needs to be in a Threat 5 Non-Human Signal Source.

  • The only weapons allowed are Guardian Gauss Cannons, Remote Release Flak Launchers, and a single Size 2 Beam Laser or below.

  • You cannot use premium or standard ammunition or synthesis including synthesizing for heatsinks throughout the time trial.

  • Gibbing is strictly prohibited, this includes use of AX and Advanced Missile Racks. Any attempts of gibbing will void your application.

  • The challenge must be completed start to finish without docking at any station or carrier, until you arrive at the Eclipse at the end of the challenge

  • Pre-scanning the system’s NHSS with your FSS is not allowed.

  • You must record your trial from start to finish without editing and upload it to YouTube. Title should include NEWP/AXI Invitational.

  • All stages of the challenge must be completed alone. Help from other players, ships launched fighters or multi-crew are all prohibited.

  • Any use of any unintentional gameplay mechanics or bugs will be grounds for disqualification.

  • You must follow and complete the list of objectives in sequential order.

  • The timer starts when you press launch, timer ends when you dock. Good Luck!


  • If you encounter a "Braben tunnel" (long blue tunnel) during your run, the time from the start of the drop until the start of the re-connected drop will not be counted against you.

  • Hyperdictions will not be eligible for time subtraction. They are an inherent part of AX and will bring with it an aura of mystery and challenge to overcome to get the best time. Hyperdiction instances cannot count towards the objectives.

  • Killing the interceptor should meet the AXI standards. The player must clearly show the interceptor's explosion and the getting the bond. This signifies that the task of killing the interceptor has been met.

  • Deadline of the event will end on Sunday (January 31st @ 23:59:59 UTC). Submissions of your timed trial should be in by Monday (February 1st @ 23:59:59 UTC).

  • A game mechanic bug was found out by a contestant that ramming a barnacle is considered exploitative by nature and will invalidate your timed trial run. For those who are wondering what the bug looks like, here is a video recording of the bug.


  • If you have yet to claim an interceptor kill, there are AX specialists (NEWP)/Mentors(AXI) who can help you assist with soloing your first cyclops interceptor.

  • You have a week to record your best time trial, then have it uploaded to YouTube and submit an application to claim the reward.

  • The Stellaris Invicta Fleet Carrier will be in the starting system on the 23rd. It will leave the region when the event is finished.

  • The Eclipse Fleet Carrier will be in the destination system from the 17th until the end of the event and will have a market open for buying Thargoid hearts, tissue samples and meta-alloys

  • The player must be a member of the NEWP and AXI discord server to be eligible for this reward.

  • You may submit as many attempts as you like, your place on the leaderboard will be updated with your fastest submission.

  • We're now considering private submissions. You are welcome to submit and have our judges validate your run but we will not make the videos public until the end of the trial. If you have sent a submission before this, please let us know if you want your submissions to be set to private.


You have 48 hours to claim your prize winnings. If prizes are not claimed within 48 hours all winnings will be shifted down from its respective position to the next Commander.

Copies of Odyssey available on Steam only.

Submit your times here

Eye of the Odyssey Leaderboard

The Winnings are being provided by the great Commanders of the New Pilots Initiative.

Rules for particpation in events may vary per community.

Participation in this event is only valid for Jan 24, 2021 - Feb 1, 2021

By submitting video you are giving permission to NEWP or AXI to publish submitted videos publicly.