Thargoids On The Move

Thargoids in the Coalsack Nebula

13 NOV 3306

As of 13/11/3306 Thargoid Non-Human Signal Sources have begun appearing in the Coalsack Nebula Region. Currently these appear to be the same as the Pleiades and Witch Head Nebula however with NHSS 8 Solo Hydra Instances included. Meanwhile, it has been noted that the Witch Head Nebula is no longer spawning Threat 8 Solo Hydra Instances. This may be indicative of a shift in the Thargoids primary offensive force.

There are currently no reports of Hyperdictions in this new region and we have not yet ascertained the exact size of the bubble or it's centre. Have Incursions started? No, the Eagle Eye warning system has not indicated any pending or ongoing attacks.

With the recent changes, we have escalated the AXI Alert Level to Alert Level: Yellow. Yellow mandates all available pilots ready for imminent conflict and prepare to defend any systems where necessary. We request all research personnel forward all observations to #eagle-eye-and-defense so we can work to build a better picture of this newfound activity.

Glory to Mankind,
The Overseer Council