14 JUN 3306

Greeting Pilots, we are happy to announce that our brand-new Fleet Carrier will soon leave the shipyards of Balante behind, and travel to HR 1185, where she will be stationed while additional anti-xeno outfitting takes place. Her existence is, in part, a result of Project Bulwark, launched by Federation in February of 3304. We were able to commission an early prototype of the automated defense platform and have Brewer Corporation integrate it with their new Fleet Carrier design. As the result, we now should have a capital-class vessel that is completely immune to thargoid shutdown fields.

This vessel is intended to be a communal asset, and will be available to all who wish to take the fight to the Enemy. It will be outfitted with the standard array of Repair, Restock and Refuel services, as well as manufacturer-mandated Commodity Market, and Tritium Depot. Shipyard services will be present, with the standard allocation of 40 slots per Pilot. Outfitting service will also be provided, but we, unfortunately, will have to comply with the per-Pilot total limit of 120 modules enforced by the Pilot's Federation.

As a point of note, we had several disagreements with the Redemption Office service crew regarding terms of service. Anti-Xeno combat is an inherently dangerous, expensive and low-paying endeavor, but representatives of Redemption Inc. insisted on a per-pilot fee, in addition to the service upkeep covered by us. This means that all visiting Pilots will only get 75% of their bonds, with the rest being split between the carrier and Redemption Office crew. We deem this to be unacceptable, but understand that some Pilots will prefer convenience over credits. If you are not in that position, we urge you to use the nearest station Combat Bonds Contact, or our Wells-Class Megaship "The Indra" permanently stationed in HR 1185, where we can offer you 0% commission. It is also notable that Universal Cartographics elected to emulate the same predatory policy for their on-board service.

All services will be provided with no tariff whenever possible. We have more than enough assets to afford continuous operation for the foreseeable future.

- Overseer 100.Rub

The Bulwark Project

16 FEB 3304

The Federation has launched an initiative to develop autonomous military hardware with which to fight the Thargoids.

Federal Shadow President Felicia Winters shed further light on the initiative, which has been christened the Bulwark Project:

"As the Thargoids' aggression escalates, it's essential that we find ways to minimise casualties while continuing to protect ourselves. Aegis is doing commendable work, but it needn't be our only line of defence."

Imperial commentators have criticised the initiative, however, drawing attention to long-standing conventions against the development of artificial intelligence. Shadow President Winters was quick to dismiss such concerns, saying:

"The purpose of the Bulwark Project is to investigate alternative defence strategies, not to develop machine intelligence."

The operation has received financial support from the Momoirent Central and Co, which has placed an open order for various commodities for use in the campaign.

The campaign begins on the 15th of February 3304 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.