Event hosted by CMDR Mechan
Banner designed by CMDR Konstantine Novakov

"The AXI community has long taught consistency and, recently, added velocity to the skills it teaches its CMDRs. Now it's time to add accuracy to the list with "The Divergent Marksman (Markswoman)" - kill a Medusa in as few shots as possible, while dealing with the notorious forbidden convergence of the Imperial Clipper."

The goal of the event is to introduce a "make every shot count" angle to the battle. Great accuracy and rigorous range-control (as shots at 2,250m deal half damage already) will be key to minimize overall shots required. And the Medusa's high regen means consistency matters too - need to land those shots regularly or regen will eat up your progress. As the event is focused on gauss accuracy, we intentionally left it up to CMDRs if/how they want to deal with swarms. Also, we are limiting the event to basic ammo to level the playing field and remove most elements of grind. Finally, we've worked explicitly to make this event as little "RNG-dependent" as possible. Find any NHSS7 with a solo Medusa and you should have the same shot at the prize as any other CMDR in any other (common) NHSS7."



  • The goal is to take down a Medusa found in an NHSS7 (You're welcome to use an NHSS8 if you also want to deal with scouts... Totally up to you.)

  • Participants must use an Imperial Clipper

  • The only allowed weapons are Gauss Cannons (Both sizes), Flak Cannons and Beam Lasers.

  • Participants must use basic ammo. (Logic here is, we want to focus on the fun/challenge and level the playing field without introducing mandatory grinds.) The video must show the modules tab before the engagement to highlight the fact that no premiums are being used!

  • The winner is the CMDR who completes the challenge and spends as little total ammo as possible. For reference, a full load of 4m gauss is 324 shots (1 in the chamber, 80 ammo stock; all x4.)


  • Participants cannot use rams to do hull damage to the Interceptor. Shield rams are permitted.

  • Macros are allowed (such as the Gatling Gauss), and by extension any firegroup configuration is also allowed

  • Reloads are allowed (but obviously ammo used counts in total.) Synths are also allowed - barring premium ammo.

  • Flak is "free" - you're welcome to use as much flak on swarms as you fancy; it won't be counted. Also, dealing with the swarm is optional and up to the individual CMDR. Neither required nor prohibited.

  • In the event of a tie, time taken will be used as a tiebreaker. Timer starts "When (any kind of) damage first registers on the Thargoid (or, if proximity-aggro triggered, from when the Thargoid "turns red" on the scanner)" and ends "When the Thargoid disappears from scanner (typically the SECOND frame of the explosion.)"

  • Kills are to be submitted via this form
    Submissions must show explosion/bond timestamp and be made between Sat April 24 00:00:01 UTC and Sun May 2 23:59:59 UTC. Participants will have an additional two hours from the end of the event to upload any final videos.

  • You may provide multiple submissions, only your best one will be taken into account.

  • The event is cross-platform, so our console players are welcome to participate!

  • Any questions about the event should be directed to #operations, where you may ask your host CMDR Mechan for more information.

As a courtesy to fellow CMDRs, we encourage submissions to be posted close to the time when the battle is fought. We will not be enforcing any rules against "hoarding" results, but we feel it is more fair to the competition to submit sooner rather than later.


  • The CMDR who wins the challenge will have a choice-of-reward of either 5 Billion Credits (Equivalent to a brand-new Carrier) OR a copy of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey on Steam (Or equivalent funds via paypal in the event the CMDR is not on Steam) - Sponsored by your event host CMDR Mechan.

  • The winning CMDR will also receive the coveted 'Party Champion' rank in the AXI Discord.

  • Every participant who completes the challenge will receive the 'Party Survivor' rank

The Leaderboard

This leaderboard will be updated every day or so and display the current best results

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