The Seven Sisters War

The Anti Xeno Initiative congratulates our fellow pilots' effort in accomplishing our war time objective of minimizing the BGS destabilizing efforts of the Hanks Alliance of Anti Xeno by retreating their presences in all non-home systems in a joint operation with the Coalition and its allies in just under three months. As a result, the Pleiades sector BGS now enjoys an age of stability and civil development.

AXI diplomats had reached out to HAAX during the final stages of war in a final attempt to bring all parties to the table with the treaty attached in this message. It was unfortunately rejected without a substantive counteroffer despite our request, however, we conveyed that the option of negotiation is still open to HAAX should they be interested.

The reason why AXI was involved in this conflict was due to confirmed clandestine BGS undermining by HAAX that exploited AXI without its knowledge as a BGS buffer against HAAX’s opponent, the HIVE. At this time, the Anti Xeno Initiative deem HAAX no longer a viable threat to its BGS functions and will in turn cease its active mobilization against said faction. However, this is a conditional ceasefire operating under the assumption that HAAX will no longer attempt to expand outside of its home system without coming to an agreement in terms of ethical and fair BGS etiquette with the factions it engaged in conflicts with.

This ceasefire isn’t a mandatory command to our pilots, but an official stance change after deliberating with the staff team.

The Anti Xeno Initiative sincerely hopes that HAAX will return its focus to Anti Xeno and join the other Anti Xeno factions in said effort in the future.

Well done pilots, the operation was a resounding success.

Glory, to mankind.