Anti-Xeno Initiative

The Anti-Xeno Initiative is a joint platform for pilots of all backgrounds to come together to combat the current and impending threat of Thargoids. It does not matter what career you led before you came to us. Cargo runner, star explorer, mercenary, smuggler, or pirate, all walks of life are welcome as long as we unite under the banner in defence of humanity and its survival.

Both educational materials and highly coordinated strikes are made available for those that join us. Perhaps the Thargoids have not come for you and your system yet, maybe they have not made it to your home today. However, be assured that if you take no action, there will be no one left to defend you, nor anyone else when they are at your doorstep.

Join us today to blast out of the darkness that enshrouds us. Glory, to Mankind!

- CMDR Gluttony Fang, Founder


The Anti-Xeno Initiative is no longer actively seeking to conquer the Squadron Leaderboards. As such, progress will no longer be tracked here. Despite that, we still place among the top ranking squadrons.


The Anti-Xeno Initiative has a history of success accross the Anti-Xeno Defence, Combat, Exploration and other squadron leaderboards, taking 1st place for many seasons. Primarily in our rutheless efficiency in Thargoid Hunting and System Defence.

12 Gold MEDALS

8 Silver MEDALS

7 Bronze MEDALS