The Anti-Xeno Initiative has its roots in the Pleiades Nebula, a current hotspot of Thargoid Activity. The Initiative is based out of HR 1185, with the Headquarters at Ceres Tarn. This prime location places the AXI right at the forefront of the Human-Thargoid War where we are only ever a few jumps away from the fight.

The Anti-Xeno Initiative is a full signatory of The Coalition, a collection of Independent groups who support each other through mutual agreement, defending one-another should any other signatory come under threat by another power.


Ceres Tarn - HR 1185

Home system to the Anti-Xeno Initiative, HR 1185 is the heart of the Initiative. Ceres Tarn, located on planet A 4, acts as the Initiative's Headquarters. Protected under the Orbital Defense of The Indra, Ceres Tarn is the perfect location for the AXI Leadership to plan, prepare and execute the Anti-Xeno Initiatives primary purpose, eradication of the Thargoid race.

Having shown a marked weakness and disability when operating in High-Gravity environments, Ceres Tarn's monumental gravitational pull acts as a sufficient deterrent, remaining untouched by Thargoid assault to this day.

The Indra - HR 1185

Nestled amongst the massive planet's wide rings, the Huge Wells-Class Carrier "The Indra" can be found orbiting high above Ceres Tarn.

On July 7, 3303, Imperial Senator Zemina Torval presided over the maiden voyage of the Indra in HR 1185, a massive Wells-class Carrier. She concluded the launch with a brief statement, saying “Space is by nature hostile. The Indra will make this particular system less so.”

The Indra presided over HR 1185 for several years under Imperial jurisdiction before being purchased by the Anti-Xeno Initiative as part of a defence contract proposed by Overseer Mackenheimer to the Empire.


Below is a statement from Natalia Hidalgo - Facility's administrative liaison made during an interview with a local journalist.

"Until August 29, 3305 we were under the AEGIS Research Group's administration. A lot has been said about them, but thankfully due to an expansion effort coming from HR 1185 our former employers had to cede their seats to the Anti-Xeno Initiative. If it weren't for them and their command for Ieyasu Dock to be AXI's main shipyard this Ocellus starport was likely to be a huge metal lump of wasted space. Lord Vader handed me the shipyard contract signed by Gluttony Fang and the Overseers; a quite secretive person this CMDR Darth Vader if you ask me. He was very specific when we had to put together a team to set up his chambers, he asked for a quite rare sort of containment gadget. We were also advised to try and keep safe distance from the installation floating near Pleiades Sector PD-S b4-0 2, and there have been some reports of pitch black ships being present and pilots going missing when flying near it. Also there were some pilots reporting not being able to pin this installation on their EDDI auxiliary software after Lord Vader established in here... I've started to think it might be due to some jamming device he might have set. Nevertheless we are all happy to serve mankind and the agents from here."

- Natalia Hidalgo - Facility's administrative liaison

Blackmount Orbital - HIP 17692

HIP 17692 is famous for being home to Eagle Eye One – A massive installation monitoring Thargoid communications and relaying it to Anti Xeno forces in the regions. Blackmount Orbital is a hidden high-tech starport disguised as an asteroid that receives and interprets data from Eagle Eye, returning the decoded package to the installation for public broadcast. Since Blackmount Orbital is a crucial location in Anti Xeno efforts, the Anti Xeno Initiative has claimed it to ensure its uninterrupted function.

Blackmount Habitation - HIP 17692

Blackmount Habitation is a military planetary base built to support Blackmount Orbital. It houses all the technical staff needed to maintain Eagle Eye One and decode its transmissions. In addition to this, it’s a high-tech base and one of the few locations in the Pleiades Nebula that stocks AX weapons. Anti Xeno Initiative ground forces are stationed here on standby.