Many platforms - one community

Being a relatively large group, we make use of several platforms to coordinate our efforts. Every platform has its upsides and downsides, but we try to keep membership as synchronized as possible. You are free to choose how "deep" you want to join us, but make sure to read about the process below.

1 - Join the AXI Discord

Discord is our main platform and is open to absolutely everyone. To be an official member of AXI you have to be present there.

  1. Click here to join the Anti-Xeno Initiative discord server.

  2. Complete the 2-step verification.

  3. Read the #policy-and-rules carefully.

2 - Join The Inara Squadron

Inara squadron serves as an extension of our in-game squadron (since it has no size limit) and provides many useful functions that help us coordinate defense. Please note that we only accept applications from verified accounts.

  1. Join our Discord Server.

  2. Verify and Link your Inara account to your frontier account.

  3. Go to the our Inara page.

  4. Request to join the squadron and include your Discord name and tag in your application (eg: Mgram#6610).

3.1 - JOIN THE In-Game Squadron (PC)

Become one of us, carry our name, with all the responsibilities that come with it. Since the in-game squadron has a limit of 500 members, we do not accept just anyone, and have to remove inactive members to make room for new ones. Members are subject to additional rules.

  1. Join our Discord Server and achieve the rank of Apollo's Wrath.

  2. Join our Inara Squadron.

  3. Apply for the Anti Xeno Initiative Squadron [AXIN] in-game.

3.2 - Join the In-Game Squadron (PS4)

Specifics of PS4 mandate that we have a slightly different process for it.

  1. Join our Discord Server.

  2. Contact the PS4 admin staff.