Galactic markets awakened to a jolt today, as the Anti-Xeno Initiative bought controlling interest in a Witch Head startup company: Xeno Research Group, to the surprise of many galactic pundits.

"The Anti-Xeno Initiative crashed the Low Temperature Diamond Market throughout the Bubble last week", replied a Bank of Zaonce media representative.

“At the time, our experts were perplexed by the sudden appreciation of AXI's stock value. All factors pointed towards it being a response to Brewer's press-release about Drake class Carriers being made available for public sale.”

Thargoid sympathizer groups, such as HALT, condemned the move claiming more Thargoid lives would be lost.

"This only shows AXI for what it is. A group of genocidal maniacs, bent on the utter destruction of the Thargoids. They went out of their way to purchase a Witch Head company, just to justify more killing.", a Thargoid sympathizer spoke at a protest on Mars; one of many such protests to erupt since the news broke.

When asked about the sudden purchase of Xeno Research Group, AXI's CMDR Mackenheimer only had this to say: "Xeno Research Group was purchased as part of AXI's Unified Defense Program. The last Thargoid Incursion into the Witch Head Sector showed the region's defenses to be woefully inadequate. While the Pleiades Sector systems were cleared within a single week, the Witch Head systems suffered Thargoid attacks for over three. This cannot be allowed to happen again."

When pressed regarding the Thargoid sympathizers' concerns however, he responded sharply; "I don't care what traitors think of our legitimate purchase. All of our activities are undertaken with the express aim of defending all of humanity from the Thargoid menace. One day they'll come for your system, and we'll be coming for them. You can count on that."

- Excerpt from the Front page of the Business section of the Solar Times...