Caustic Missile Blocking

Thargoid Caustic missiles are launched in volleys, and when in a multi-CMDR fight, there will be one volley of missiles assigned for each CMDR that the Interceptor is in combat with at the time the missiles are activated. When the Thargoid Interceptor is able to successfully begin a Caustic Missile attack, each volley for each commander is launched sequentially, one after the other until each volley has been deployed. If the ‘current target’ is detected and triggers a Caustic Volley, all other CMDRs will also get a volley assigned, regardless of heat and distance.

When the Interceptor launches a volley, it must be able to make a Target Lock on them to fire. The Thargoid Interceptor can only make a Target Lock when the volley target has a heat signature above the minimum detection threshold (~20%) or are within the minimum detection range (~700m).

If the Interceptor cannot get a Target Lock on the specific CMDR for that volley, it will wait indefinitely until it can get it. This effectively put ALL other caustic missiles on-hold until the pending volley is fired. Aka: The Thargoid is now constipated.

Should the target of the pending volleys remain cold and undetectable for the rest of the fight, the Interceptor will not be able to fire any more Caustic Missiles.

It is worth noting that unlike triggering the volley itself (which requires you to be within 3km), if a volley is assigned to you and, for example, 2 out of 3 missiles are launched before you become undetectable, the last missile can be launched at any range and at any time as soon as your heat goes above the detection range.