Cold Orbiting Guide

Cold orbiting is a technique used mainly with small and medium ships to avoid damage from the Interceptor’s main cannon. Cold Orbiting relies upon using heatsinks to stay cold while moving in an orbiting motion around the interceptor, a Thargoid cannot hit you with their main gun when:

  1. You are moving perpendicular to the Thargoid’s facing direction with sufficient speed.

  2. Your ship’s effective heat is below 20% (Heatsinks, Thermal Vent Beam or Silent Running)

Cold orbiting can be used in different phases of the fight, While waiting for a shield to drop, cold orbiting can be maintained with a Thermal Vent Beam. During a Gauss attack run you will require constant heatsinks to avoid going above 20% heat.

To effectively cold orbit, you will need to be able to comfortably fly in Flight Assist Off mode.

This technique is mainly for medium or small ships, large ships will struggle to maintain the necessary speed and agility to orbit. However, it is possible to enter a partial orbit in some large ships (such as the Corvette), allowing you to avoid at least some of the damage.

Managing Heat

In order to keep control of your heat here are a few tips:

  • Always use heatsinks when firing Gauss. This will prevent your heat from going above 20% (deploy a heatsink when your previous one ejects, at minimum)

  • Split your Gauss firegroups in half, firing 2x Gauss cannons at a time. This will prevent the heat from temporarily spiking above 20% allowing the goid to hit you. (if done fast enough this can be done without losing appreciable DPS)