Pip Management

Pip management can be performed manually, but it is significantly more effective to utilize a macro program such as AutoHotKey (https://autohotkey.com/). AHK can almost instantaneously rebalance your pips more accurately than even the most trained pilot. Voice attack can also be used for pip management, either via voice commands (not recommended due to speed) or binding to mouse/function keys.

The following AHK script binds the most common pip distributions to function keys F1-F8. You can then use your mouse’s software to bind additional mouse keys (side buttons for example) to a selection of function keys that suits your playstyle.

Download AutoHotkey Script

Pip management is essential to effectively utilizing your gauss while maximizing mobility during the Thargoid assault. When kiting the Thargoid and tackling the swarm, pip management minimizes the time necessary for restoration of your shields. Any time spent with no pips in systems with shields at less than 100% is less shield strength available when returning to fight the Thargoid.

When firing gauss, make sure you keep 3-4 pips in WEP to reduce the amount of heat generated with each shot.

Another example of the benefits: Transferring 4 pips to sys right before impact of the interceptor cannon leads to a 60% increase to shield damage resistance, which translates to an ~2.6x increase in shield strength. Using macros can allow you to quickly switch from 4-0-2 to 0-2-4, to maintain maximum recharge rate on your gauss, keep your engine constantly boosting, and ensure your shields are always at peak resistance. Always avoid running out of systems energy as this will prevent you from firing a heatsink.

Example: This is a 0-4-2 Pip Configuration