Recommended Control Scheme

Keyboard and mouse provides superior control to HOTAS. This is well known amongst the PVP community, and the same holds true for Thargoid hunting. The ability to decouple your flight vector from your attack vector is paramount. A commonly used AX tactic requires maintaining a heat signature below 20% and a high angular velocity relative to the interceptor. This results in dramatically diminished aim of the interceptor’s main cannon. Without FA-off, it is nearly impossible to keep the interceptor in your weapon’s field of fire while maintaining a flight path that does not bring you dangerously close to the interceptor, or kill your angular velocity to the interceptor.

The following are recommended mouse settings which enable relative mouse control (the cursor returns to the center of the reticule without player input). This dramatically increases your aim because it makes it easier to make small adjustments in FA-off. Rebind yaw to left and right mouse and roll to the A and D key. Ensure that flight assist is set to toggle. Maneuvering in this mode in supercruise is tedious. Try binding alternative yaw and pitch to the numpad.

Although KBM typically the most precise input form, you may find a different setup is more suited to yourself, find what works for you, experiment!

Recommended Mouse Settings