Distress Call Spawn Analysis

By CMDR Avasa Siuu

This report is to show the findings of the thargoid Interceptor spawn rate within the Distress Call signal in HR 1185. The purpose of the research conducted was to find and observe the difference in the spawn rate of the Interceptors between the three observed spawn spots for Interceptors. This report will allow commanders to also be more informed on the possibility of finding a certain Interceptor that they wish to engage.

The data collected is between myself and CMDR Maligno also who has conducted over one hundred logged observations of the instance. With that being said the data cannot be used to measure if there is a mechanic that ensures you encounter a specific instance after so many iterations

Spot Spawns

The picture below will show the different positions within the distress call that the Interceptors spawn in. The spot terminology in my terms came about due to the U.S. Navy naval places deemed onboard a naval ship on which helicopters or VTOL jets use to take off on or land on (To anyone familiar with it)

Total Iterations Conducted

The total iterations conducted, meaning the amount of logging off to the main menu back to the selected game mode menu is shown below. Open mode was not considered, but due to the findings between private mode and solo mode it can be safe to say that flipping the site and entering a specific mode does not play a factor in changing the rate of spawning.

Interceptor Variant Spawn Rate

The following data shows the probability of encountering the different variants during the flips of the site. It is interesting to note that there is a progressive probability increase of 5-6% as the lethality of the Interceptor variant increases. This data also shows that there is no difference between solo and private mode and it will be safe to assume that open mode is not affected either. The data also shows that encountering a double Interceptor instance is very rare. Regardless of instance composition, there is roughly a 40% chance of it having at least 1 Interceptor.

Double Interceptor Encounter Chance

The following data will show the probability of encountering a specific double Interceptor instance. As the data shows, the chance of encountering two Interceptors of the same kind is far rarer than two different types of Interceptors. This data is also manually input into the database so with me being human as the data shows i have missed a few double Interceptor variants, namely the Hydra and Medusa combination, which has been reported by a number of commanders.

Spot Spawn Rate

The following data in the table below will show the rate of which the Interceptors spawn in a specific spawn point in the instance. What is interesting to note with this data is that spot 2, which has a chance of spawning a lower variant has a lower chance of spawning an Interceptor than spot 3, which is reserved so far for the more lethal variants. Now the numbers are so close that if further iterations were conducted they have the probability of evening out the numbers closer to the point where the difference between spot 2 and 3 is so marginal it would not matter between the two.

Interceptor Spawn Rate per Spot

The following data here will show how each individual Interceptor will spawn in a certain spot within the instance. As the data shows below the lesser variants (Cyclops and Basilisk) only spawn within spots 1 and 2 while the higher variants (Medusa and Hydra) spawn in spots 2 or 3 respectively. What is interesting to note is that the hydra variant may have the possibility of spawning in any of the 3 spots. The observed lesser variants only spawn in spots 1 and 2 which means that those two spots are only reserved for the lesser variants.

Other Observations/Undocumented Observations

  • It is reported by CMDR Maligno that he has encountered a Hydra and Medusa spawn. Although my data does not show this, I cannot in good conscious discredit his findings. The possibility of encountering the combination with the current data is unknown but thanks to CMDR Maligno it is a possibility.

  • With the current data it shows that the Interceptor in spot 1 which tends to be the lesser variant is always the Interceptor doing the scan. Now I encountered two specific instances where that was not the case. The higher variant in a different position twice is the Interceptor did the scan. This data shows that each spot is based on a literal random number generator while also following what seems to be a set number of how to spawn and interact with specific Interceptors in each spot. The chances of encountering this is shown to be very low.

Thank you to Commander Maligno and Commander Mechan for assistance in this in-depth study of the Distress Call within HR 1185. - CMDR Avasa Siuu