Common AX Build Mistakes

Without a solid understanding of AX Mechanics it is very easy to make simple mistake when putting together an AX Ship. Here are some common mistakes people have made in the past… so you don’t have to!

Useless Utilities

Point Defence

Although it may seem like a good idea at first, point defence is hopelessly ineffective in Thargoid combat. Point Defence will fire upon both caustic and Thargon missiles, but it is incapable of actually hitting them. On top of this, they also have a habit of shooting down friendly Flak Launcher projectiles.


Chaff does not affect Thargoids in any way, the use of chaff in AX combat will not help you. A similar effect can be achieved by Cold Orbiting instead.

Electronic Countermeasures

Similar to chaff, Electronic Countermeasures have no effect on Thargoid missiles or other weapons systems.

Ship Launched Fighters

A somewhat controversial topic as there are still some particular uses for these, however in typical AX fights, Ship Launched Fighters (or SLFs) are more of a bother than they are a benefit. Due to their paper thin hull, mediocre damage and laughable lifespan, even a SLF in the hands of a good pilot will still be less beneficial to perhaps using that same module slot for some more armour. Keep in mind that an AI pilot will also be taking a cut of all profits and rank obtained in the meantime too.


  • SLF will aggro the swarm making it fly erratically, thus harder to destroy

  • SLF NPC will steal half your combat rank

  • SLF will not aggro the interceptor

  • The swarm will destroy a SLF in 4-5 hits, due to phasing damage.

Flechette vs Flak

Remote Release Flak Launcher and Remote Release Flechette Launcher are easily mixed up…

  • Flak is super effective against Thargon swarms

  • Flechette is not…


Thargoid weapons deal absolute/caustic damage, this means any Thermal/Kinetic/Explosion resistances on either your shields or hull will do nothing and be completely bypassed. Focus only on absolute shield and hull values. Resistance is futile.


Although other AX weapons may be interesting and fun, nothing beats a Gauss Cannon. Due to Armour Penetration values, Guardian Gauss cannons have the highest effective AX damage per second. Focus on learning how to use Gauss Cannons properly and you will have a far easier time as the Interceptors you engage get tougher.

Guardian Shard Cannons and Guardian Plasma Chargers simply cannot keep up with the DPS and effectiveness of Gauss.

Shards also require the pilot to be within Lightning attack range to achieve maximum DPS effect.

For scout hunting, avoid fixed AXMCs. Scouts have very erratic movement and they can prove very difficult to hit with fixed projectile-based weapons. They make for good Gauss target practice though, since they are roughly the same size as an Interceptor’s Heart, and Gauss is a hitscan-based weapon.

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