For extended combat scenarios it is recommended that you bring materials for synthesizing more ammunition. We recommend carrying at least a few of the most important synths for each fight, nothing is more frustrating than having to leave a potential kill because you ran out of ammo.

Solo Hydra will require at least 2-3 full Gauss synths.

Synthesis Panel

Access the synthesis panel on the in-game UI through the following steps:

Right Panel > Inventory > Second Last Menu > Synthesis Panel


Heatsinks are critical for reducing your ship's temperature to safe ranges while firing extended gauss volleys or avoiding damage with cold tactics.

We recommend only using Basic heatsink synths as there is no useful benefit to standard or premium.


  • 2x Basic Conductors

  • 2x Heat Conduction Wiring

Remote Release Flak

Required to deal with Thargon swarms, expect to use a few synths for Basilisk and higher fights.

We recommend only using Basic Flak synths as there is no tangible benefit to standard or premium.


  • 2x Sulfur

  • 3x Carbon

  • 4x Nickel

Guardian Gauss Cannons

Guardian Gauss Cannons are currently the most effective AX weapon and due to their low ammo total we recommend carrying a few synths for solo Medusa and higher.

Premium Gauss Synths are strongly recommended for Hydra variant Interceptors.


  • 2x Focus Crystals

  • 2x Guardian Power Conduit

  • 3x Manganese

  • 4x Guardian Wreckage Components

Standard (+15% dmg)

  • 3x Heat Resistant Ceramics

  • 3x Guardian Sentinel Weapon Parts

  • 4x Guardian Power Conduits

  • 5x Manganese

  • 5x Focus Crystals

Premium (+30% dmg)

  • 6x Filament Composites

  • 6x Guardian Technology Components

  • 8x Manganese

  • 10x Focus Crystals

For the maximum possible Premium Gauss synths you will need:

  • 200x Focus Crystals

  • 160x Manganese

  • 120x Filament Composites

  • 120x Guardian Tech Components


For repairs and decontamination limpets.


  • 10x Iron

  • 10x Nickel

AFM Refills

In longer fights, you will need to refill your AFMU multiple times to keep your Module Reinforcements and other modules at full integrity.

We recommend only using Basic AFM refills as there is no useful benefit to standard or premium.


  • 2x Nickel

  • 2x Zinc

  • 2x Chromium

  • 3x Vanadium