Unlocking Guardian Weapons/Modules

In order to collect Guardian Modules and Weapons, players will need to visit the guardian sites and collect a variety of materials. These include: Blueprints (specific to the module type), Components and Data. To collect these you will need a ship with an SRV and a decent jump range (Guardian sites are a bit out of the way).

We also recommend you bring a spare SRV and a Point Defence module on your ship. Point Defence will shoot down the Guardian Sentinel missiles, making this much easier.

Different Guardian sites will give different blueprints (Module, Weapon, Fighter). To gather the blueprints you will need to complete a small mini-game which involves shooting power orbs on a collection of pylons within a small time window. Once complete you will need to grab a Guardian Ancient Relic and drop it on the podium where you begin the mini-game. From here a large orb will spawn, you can scan it with a Data Link Scanner which will provide you with a blueprint. If you need multiple blueprints, you can then drive away from the site, log out of the game and back in, and start again.

While clearing out a site you will encounter Guardian Sentinels. These will shoot at you with projectiles and fire seeker missiles into the air. Simply take your time and kill these off one-by-one and you will have little issue clearing out a guardian site.

Here are some guardian sites you can use to get your modules and weapons:

  • SYNUEFE EU-Q C21-10 Planet A 3 (Weapons)

  • SYNUEFE NL-N C23-4 Planet B 3 (Modules)