There are a multitude of different Anti-Xeno weapons in the game, and they come in two main variants:

  • Human AX Weapons (AX Multi-Cannon, AX Missile Rack, Advanced Multi-Cannon, Advanced Missile Rack, Remote Release Flak Launcher)

  • Guardian Weapons (Guardian Gauss Cannon, Guardian Plasma Charger, Guardian Shard Cannon)

Guardian weapons are the most effective AX weapons in the game (specifically the Guardian Gauss Cannon) with human AX weapons being mostly unusable (with the exception of the Remote Release Flak Launcher).

Some builds will also include Thermal Vent Beam Lasers which allow pilots to easily reduce ship heat and avoid significant amounts of Thargoid fire. For more information, see Cold Orbiting and Lasers.

Thargoid Interceptors have a 99% resistance to non-AX weapons, while Scouts have a 77% resistance to non-AX Weapons.

Guardian Gauss Cannon

Current undisputed AX meta. Guardian Gauss Cannons function like a Railgun with a short delay before firing. Heavy Armour Penetration means it is effective against even the toughest Thargoids. Coming in only small and medium classes, these allow a surprisingly even playing field between all ship classes. They have a maximum range of 3km and a damage falloff start of 1.5km, allowing for precision heart sniping at range. Its only downside is high heat generation which necessitates constant heatsink use.

Recommendation: Best AX weapon (Great armour penetration, High damage, Accurate)

Note: When using Gauss Cannons, it is important to ensure your hardpoints have good Convergence

Remote Release Flak Launcher

Currently the only effective weapon to deal with Thargon Swarms.

Recommendation: Must have! (Required to take out swarms)

Note: Does not count against the 4 experimental weapon limit.

Guardian Shard Cannon

Similar to a Frag Cannon, very wide spread with only around a 700m effective range which means to be used effectively the pilot must fly within lightning range. While a potent weapon for speedrunning, the requirement of firing from within lightning range means that they are ineffective otherwise.

Recommendation: Do not use (Low effective range, Poor armour penetration)

Guardian Plasma Charger

Similar to a Plasma Accelerator, but poor armour penetration value makes it less effective against tougher Interceptors and difficulty to aim makes it bad for using on hearts. Damage dealt is also unpredictable.

Recommendation: Do not use (Poor armour penetration, Difficult to aim, Terrible capacitor draw)

AX Multi-Cannon

AXMCs come in two types - Turreted and Fixed, and in two sizes - Medium and Large. The Large Turreted ones are the most effective Scout hunting weapon in the game, but the Large Fixed ones are only passable against the weakest Interceptor variant, the Cyclops, and the others are very ineffective.

Recommendation: Great for Scouts, Awful for Interceptors

AX Missile Rack

Okay, but very difficult to aim as they are slow moving and dumbfire only. Minimal ammo.

Recommendation: Do Not Use (Poor damage)

Advanced Multi-Cannon

Same as a normal Multi-Cannon and can be engineered, however it will not do AX damage unless ammo is synthesized.

Recommendation: Do not use (Poor damage, Cannot use without synth)

Note: Does not count against the 4 experimental weapon limit.

Advanced Missile Rack

Similar to the Advanced Multi-Cannon, these are an engineerable clone of the normal Missile Rack which requires synth to deal AX damage. Due to their extreme splash damage, synth requirement, and lack of weapon number limit, they are banned from use in AXI ranks.

Recommendation: Use at own discretion (Cannot use without synth, Banned from progression kills)

Note: Does not count against the 4 experimental weapon limit.