Thargoid Hearts

All Thargoids have a specific number of internal modules known as hearts, these grant the Thargoid Interceptor very fast hull regeneration. The hearts are positioned around the outside of the Interceptor as petals, depending on the variant you will be able to break a number of these petals off completely, indicating that the heart has been broken.


Thargoid Hearts give the Interceptor incredibly fast regeneration, this will make destroying the Interceptor nearly impossible until all hearts are broken.


Thargoid Hearts are immune to damage by default. However you can make the hearts vulnerable by dealing enough damage to the Thargoid Interceptor and Exerting the heart. You must deal 20% of the remaining total hull to cause the heart to become exerted. Once exerted, the Thargoid will regenerate its health rapidly and the Heart will begin glowing brightly for ~45 seconds.


Credit to CMDR Mechan


Credit to CMDR Mechan

Destroying the Heart

During this time, any direct AX damage dealt to the heart will cause it to lose health. Hearts to do not regenerate and any damage done to them is permanant. If you fail to break the heart during this 45 second window, you will have to re-exert the Thargoid Interceptor again, this will always exert the same heart.

Once all the Interceptors hearts are destroyed, any damage to the Interceptor is permanent.

The Heart has a very small hit-box and you must be very precise in-order to deal damage to it.


Thargoid Hearts are located in the petals of the Interceptor. They spawn in a semi-consistent pattern for each variant however they will be exerted in a random pattern for each kill.

You can sub-target the hearts if you use a Xeno-Scanner on the Interceptor and complete a full-scan. This will also allow you to see the status of all hearts in the contacts panel.


A short video by CMDR Aranionros Stormrage on a very fast and effective way to collect Thargoid Hearts from a dead Thargoid Interceptor without waiting for the Caustic cloud to dissapate.

How to Scoop Hearts Quickly

  • Collector limpets inherit ship velocity, so moving quickly towards the heart when launching them will give them a great speed boost.

  • You can pass quite close to the heart while the cloud is still small.

  • Launching multiple limpets is advised as sometimes they crash into the dead Thargoid.

  • Using a B-rated collector limpet controller will give you more range, therefore a bit more room to work with. A size 3B controller should be enough (though a 5B was used in this video)