Infestation and Incursion System


During times of active Thargoid behaviour, on a weekly basis a number of systems will become “Infested” each week and enter the Infestation state. This is first noted by the presence of Non-Human Signal Sources containing various Scout and Interceptor variants. An Infestation indicates an incoming invasion in the same system, unless a large quantity of Thargoid vessels are destroyed in the system.

If an Insufficient number of vessels are destroyed, the system will enter a Incursion state (after the next weekly tick)

The Eagle Eye system will identify a new wave of infested systems each week.

Thargoid Incursion

Should a system enter the Incursion state it will become under full Thargoid Assault. Once underway the system’s allegiance will change to “Thargoid” and multiple cumulative negative effects can be observed as the incursion persists.

  • One Undamaged starport will become Damaged in the system per week, until the Incursion is cleared.

  • All Bulk Cruiser Megaships will become damaged at the start of the incursion.

  • Stronger Thargoid Variants will appear.

  • Anti-Xeno Conflict Zones will appear in the system. (Read more in: Anti-Xeno Conflict Zones)

Ships may be hyperdicted while jumping into a system under Incursion.

The GalNet Thargoid Activity report will provide an up-to-date report on the remaining presence of Thargoids within an Incursion system. As more Thargoid vessels are destroyed, the presence level will decrease until the incursion is cleared completely.

Presence Levels are:

  • Massive Thargoid Presence

  • Significant Thargoid Presence

  • Moderate Thargoid Presence

  • Marginal Thargoid Presence

  • No Thargoid Presence