Meta-Alloys are a special commodity in-game that can be used to unlock certain engineers, special modules and even fed to Thargoids. Here are a few different methods to collect Meta-Alloys.

Despite what some people say, Meta-Alloys are NOT CAUSTIC and will NOT deal damage to your ship if you carry them around. However, if you are scanned by a Thargoid Interceptor while carrying them, they may make some different noises, but ultimately they will not attack you.

Barnacles are the most common method to gathering Meta-Alloys, these can be found in 4 different regions of space.

  • The Pleiades Nebula

  • The Witch Head Nebula

  • The California Nebula

  • The Coalsack Nebula


Thargoid Barnacles are planetary surface sites that can be used to gather Meta-Alloys by shooting down the Large spikes that grow at these.

It is possible that these sites can be depleted so you must make sure that you are visiting a site that is NOT depleted when looking for one.

Here is a link to CMDR Panpipers barnacle spreadsheet, this can be used to find ripe barnacles and also sites that can be used to gather materials too.

Once you find a Meta-Alloy spike, you can break it and re-log the game to make it spawn another Meta-Alloy.

Canonn Ripe Barnacles Website

Other Methods

Thargoid Structures

In the area surrounding Thargoid Surface Structures you can often find 2-3 barnacle spikes containing Meta-Alloys. These can be broken for a constant supply of Alloys and also do not deplete.

Non-Human Signal Sources

When dropping into a Non-Human Signal Source [Threat 5-7] there is a small chance a Meta-Alloy can be found floating in the instance. Beware, if any Thargoid Interceptors are present, they may try to collect it before you get a chance to scoop it up.


By travelling to Darnielle’s Progress in the Maia system you can purchase 1x Meta-Alloy per 10 minutes at the stations Commodity Market.

Darnielle’s Progress - Maia


You can visit a Thargoid Barnacle Forest. Barnacle Forests are special barnacle sites with many barnacles, unlike normal barnacles, these do not deplete and will always have fresh ripe barnacles available.

A few well known forest sites:

  • Hyades Sector AQ-Y d81 C 2 at 9.2924, -153.9815