Scouts are a smaller Thargoid vessel and can be found in all types of Non-Human Signal Source. Scouts are immediately hostile and in groups can deal significant damage to an unprepared pilot. Scouts, unlike interceptors, have 77% resistance to human weapons, rather than 99%. This reduced damage resistance makes it possible to kill Scouts with human weapon systems, however specialized AX weapon systems are still far more effective and efficient than their human counterparts.

Scouts give a significant amount of combat experience (Each counts as an Elite target), making Scout farming one of the fastest ways to reach max combat rank.


Thargoid scouts come in multiple variants, each with their own special abilities.


Marauders are the basic variant of scout and the most common, They have a simple attack using a Basic Pulse Weapon and can also fire a simple Caustic missile.


Regenerator variants are the same as the Marauder but have a special Regeneration pulse ability. The Regenerator may use this ability and apply a regeneration buff to all nearby scouts, rapidly regenerating their health. Regenerators will make an audible sound before using the attack and emit a green pulse. Regenerator variants will appear with a green coloration.


Similar to Regenerator, Beserker variants are marauders with a special ability. Beserkers can emit a red energy pulse that will buff the damage of all nearby scouts and trigger all nearby non-beserker scouts to fire a caustic missile. Beserkers have an Orange/red appearance.


Inciters are the same as a marauders with a special ability. When used the scout will emit an energy pulse to all nearby scouts, buffing their speed and maneuverability temporarily. Inciters have a pink/red appearance.


  • Scouts are ALWAYS hostile.

  • Scouts have 77% resistance to conventional human weapons.

  • Scouts are immune to missiles and torpedoes (they bounce off).

  • Scouts occasionally shoot caustic missiles.

  • The pulse of the special Scouts is instance-wide, which means it can affect very distant targets.

TODO: Verify that while a special scout is using its ability it doesn’t fire

TODO: Verify that all non-Berserkers fire caustics, it could be just marauders/scouts that aren’t currently using an ability

TODO: Check if non-Marauders have increased AR

How to equip for scout hunting

Hunting scouts is a very efficient method to increase combat rank, this is because all scouts are considered elite targets and will give the best possible experience per kill. Due to the 77% resistance to human weapons it is very inefficient to use normal weapons against scouts. Due to the unpredictable nature of scouts, we strongly recommend the use of Large Turreted Anti-Xeno Multicannons as the most effective weapon for hunting scouts.

These are best suited as they are not affected by the 77% resistance, can actively stay on target with scouts and are very ammo-efficient. Keep in mind that there is a limit of 4 Weapons per vessel.

For this reason we recommend the Anaconda for Scout hunting.


  • Can fit all 4x AX Multicannons in Large Hardpoints

  • Has good angles for Turreted Multicannons

  • Can be fitted with large shields and boosters for worry-free farming

Krait Mk.II

  • Can fit 3x AX Multicannons in Large Hardpoints and 1x AX Multicannon in a Medium Slot

  • High Mobility to keep targets in range or disengage.

  • Mobility allows for use of Bi-Weave shields, disengaging for shield regen.

Extra Modules Needed

  • Decontamination Limpet Controller (and Cargo Racks) - For when hit by caustic missile.

  • Xeno Scanner (optional) - Lets you see scout health %

  • Hull Reinforcements - Scouts deal phsing damage which will damage you through shields